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Pics Only!!! Show Us Your Vintage Guccis No Chatting Please!

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  1. So my mother died recently, and I wanted something classic for her funeral Wednesday just gone. Found this. I think it's quite rare, possibly from the 60's and I love it. (Pics are from the seller as I'm a really bad photographer).

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  2. Vintage suitcase gifted to me! :smile: I've always wanted a designer luggage piece. Happy that I got this and not a LV keepall that I keep seeing every time I travel.

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  3. Gucci Accessory Collection messenger from 1980s. Bought from a consignment shop 2 years ago. Very durable and pretty and doubles as a clutch!

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  4. Vintage Gucci Bamboo Top Handle. two in the seat are from 1964, the other I believe is a more recent style, but included in the pic anyway. :biggrin:

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  5. ImageUploadedByLouis Vuitton Bag1454993204.026078.gif
    This is my first Gucci (in general) and my second designer bag :smile: I'm new to the club (have had it for about 10 hours) but I love it! Thanks to the lovely ladies on here who helped to authenticate :smile:
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  6. I have this

    ImageUploadedByLouis Vuitton Bag1464835537.535893.gif
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  7. I love this one

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  8. My two cross bodies

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    I collect vintage 80's Gucci in the navy but found this piece from the 70's and fell in love with it. I never knew Gucci even made a soft train bag. It fits right in with my 80's luggage collection. (Please excuse the background, this pic was taken in my messy garage. :doh: )

    gucci tpf garage2.gif gucci tpf garage.gif gucci tpf garage3.gif

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  10. ...and the entire fam bam! (yes, the new train case and the large duffle were photoshopped in. Too lazy to get them all out for a new family photo. :P

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    My mom gave me a bunch of old stuff she has been storing for years... This was one item. No clue on age etc but it's never been used... To my knowledge anyway... (Edited)

    *No chat thread* PT

    IMG_1474500961.344046.gif IMG_1474500972.044903.gif IMG_1474500980.629727.gif
  12. gucci1.JPG
    gucci6.JPG gucci9.JPG gucci10.JPG gucci5.JPG gucci3.JPG gucci4.JPG

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  13. IMG_1484703022.411037.gif

    I got seller's remorse after selling this!
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    A 1970's travel bag
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