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Paris-Salzburg Ponyhair Flap small vs medium??

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  1. I'm looking for a medium for sale somewhere as I'd rather that size but I did find two in small size. A brown metallic and a darker eggplant metallic. Both look nice but the brown is a bit lighter and stand out more. The brown is in pristine condition with the box tags still attached etc. The eggplant is 20% less and isnt pristine but listed as very good with light scuffs.
    Both are size small and I have never seen this design bag in person. It looks appealing to me for the fact that is looks very clutch like and so I think would be good for formal events when not worn crossbody. Would the small fit a note 9 galaxy mobile? A small wallet or card holder plus a few other essentials?
    What would you choose???

    Brown metallic small (pretty much brand new condition with all original tags etc)


    Eggplant (dark purplish colour) metallic. In very good condition... no authenticity card is mentioned but it is authenticated so maybe... its listed at 600.00 less than the brown.
    Or wait for a medium sized one somewhere?? Of course there is no guarantee to find one or one in good condition. And definitely not brand new. But the medium looks so much larger. For reference the sizes are same widths as the classic flaps. Sp small is 8.5" wide and the medium is 10". But different from classic flaps they have more compartments and are less rigid making me think they can hold more practically.

    Medium size: not sure what colour is this:

    Please help me make a decision before the two smalls disappear!! LOL
  2. I don't think either are particularly formal (pony hair and colours) if that's a consideration, but the eggplant a little more versatile in that regard.