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Palm Springs Mini New Model

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Should I get a replacement PSM?

  1. YES

    1 vote(s)
  2. No

    8 vote(s)
  1. Hi everyone!

    It seems palm springs mini is no longer rare.
    I also got one online recently and really love the bag - mine is made in France and looks great in general. As it is known, it doesn't have issues around the zipper anymore.

    But I feel like the front area in mine doesn't look even a bit, like the flower pattern is not aligned.
    A couple of my friends noticed it even before I told them and since then it kept bothering me.

    I would be glad to know if it's too noticeable from your perspectives and appreciate any opinions!

  2. Hi,
    this is always difficult to answer because all that matters is what you feel about it. I know, people can talk someone out of something and it happened to me, too. What Do you think? I think it would be ok for me, but I no longer search for the perfect bag. It stressed me too much to order a new one, maybe with other things that bother me. I got the new seaside Alma BB. She has uneven stitching, the key bell is not really good stitched on the back, in the front is a light bummer in the leather, the glazing is sharp at some points but one step away, without a microscope, no one will see it and I decided to keep her, but that is my hardest lesson in the past :amuse: