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Orange Day - having 2nd thoughts

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  1. I recently took a large number of bags to consignment in my effort to downsize. I am still left with over 100 bags, so there is no shortage. But now I am second guessing saying goodbye to this orange Day bag. It would be good for beach trips, as it is older so I would not worry about damage. It lies flat for storage and is so lightweight. I often use my Louis Vuitton Delightful on the beach, but that monogram can draw unwanted attention from thieves, and it does not zip shut.

    Should I get the Bal back? I have another one in Anthracite, but the orange is cheery. Do you think the orange Day is a great bag and I am silly to lose it, or is it a smart decision to let this one go?

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  2. If you're having second thoughts I'd get it back. You'll end up trying to find another one on the market if you don't.

    I used to not like color but now I'm trying to incorporate it in my wardrobe!
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  3. Get it back. If you are second guessing if you will always kick yourself if it sells.
  4. I love old Bal but I've still sold some older items because I never used them despite keeping them for a long time because they were once something I thought I really wanted.

    Have you tried the Konmari method? The spark joy approach is very effective in my experience. It's a relief letting go of stuff that you don't really want and keeping the things that you really love/make you happy just looking at them/really need.

    If you have the economy, why not get a gorgeous beach bag that you really love? Instead of using a bag just because it's there- well, at the consignment store :smile: . One that sparks joy and will make you smile just looking at it? For the beach, I just use Envirosax totes with my slg in a wash bag. I have kids so my things need a bit of protection :biggrin:
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  5. If I hear the phrase "sparks joy" one more time I may have to kick something (not you SGCK :lol::lol::lol:). I think the colour is totally edible but you have to love it. Try carrying it for a week and then decide.
  6. And a sparking joyous morning (evening?) to you too, my lovely! :hugs: :lol:
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  7. me too!!!
    this konmari thing is already so annoying that imo itself is deserving the same method to be applied!!
  8. Gorgeous colour, and i keep 7 Days even though i don't use all of them often.
    Very compact and easy storage makes me reluctant to sell any of them as they are very handy and cool bags when i need a roomy but lightweight bag
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  9. :lol:
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  10. It’s not so much the color - it’s my only orange bag - but the shape.
    It’s so dark inside and deep, and to me it seems very casual, so I would probably only carry it on vacation or walking around casually in shorts on a leisurely day. But now so many people are telling me to keep it that I might try to get it back to use on just those occasions. I can be so terrible at downsizing.

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  11. There will always be people that love what you’re ready to part with. Try not to let us influence you too much.
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  12. Let it go if you are sighing with relief at its departure. There are so many bags out there waiting for you. But...

    If you can see yourself doing a search for this bag next year, keep it. I'm a cautionary tale about fruitlessly searching for something I've casually tossed and deeply regretted.
  13. Update: the bag didn’t sell. Some of my Louis Vuittons etc did sell, but the owner said people didn’t like the tangerine color of my Day bag. It was about to be marked down 1/2 price and I would get only half of that, so I got the bag back. I’ll put some other bags up for consignment and enjoy taking this one to our beach resort! I have taken someone’s advice to save space and I’m storing my B bags stacked flat on top of each other!
  14. I'm glad you got it back. Sounds like you really love this one. I personally love the Day style, and this orange is kind of cute. Enjoy.