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Orange build up around logo (pics)

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  1. EB3089CF-4711-4B44-B4CD-312E529C4EA5.jpeg 9016429A-C26F-4CA6-9890-5968C5CC08DE.jpeg Hi,

    I just bought this MK bag on poshmark. The entire thing is in spectacular condition, but I just noticed this weird orange build up around some of the letters in “Michael Kors.” I’m not sure how to clean that off or even what it could be so I’m scared to touch it. Any ideas?
  2. Perhaps makeup? If it were mine, I would take something thin like a plastic knife or a large paperclip and wrap a baby wipe around it, and gently see if I could get between the letters. Good luck - haven’t see that before.
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  3. or maybe use soft toothbrush?
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  4. Hmmm. It almost looks like it could be glue residue from the MICHAEL KORS logo.

    I Googled on how to clean Saffiano Leather, found this link. Care instructions are about half way down the page. They also recommend a smart method. Test whatever way you clean the bag on a concealed part, so if it makes an ugly splotch it won't be noticed on the outside of the bag.


    Hope you find good results. Update us!!
  5. It looks like rust of some kind. I would try a soft baby tooth brush & natural colored shoe cream first. that will protect the leather under the letters. If that doesn't work then maybe try the soft toothbrush with some baking soda mixed & water.
  6. This really works I’ve had to do this on some lower end bags
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