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Online Orders - Anyone have issues?

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  1. I recently purchased a wallet & tote from the website, they were shipped separately.

    Thursday I received what was supposed to be the tote but it was someone else's wallet instead. (My tote and someone else's wallet were shipped from a store in FL, we share the same first name. So I can see why it got mixed up. She ended up getting my tote). Anyway, I contacted coach, right away and let them know of the mix-up. That same evening, I took the wallet to UPS to be returned and contacted coach when I got home so they could verify via the tracking # that I had dropped the wallet off at UPS before they mailed out another tote.

    That same evening, the customer service rep I had spoke to called me back to confirm that they needed to ship out the tote and not the wallet I had ordered. (I will agree, it was confusing since the items had been shipped separately, order #'s, etc.) I confirmed yes, the tote needs to be shipped and that my wallet was still in transit and due to be delivered Friday.

    Friday morning I get an email conf that a wallet will be shipped. The same wallet that was already shipped and due to be delivered that day.... I contact customer service via online chat, she assures me that she has corrected everything and my tote will be shipped, not another wallet. She also upgrades the tote to overnight shipping for the inconvenience but it was not able to be shipped out until Monday. Scheduled to arrive on Tuesday (tomorrow).

    I checked my email this afternoon... Guess what has shipped and is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow? THE DANG WALLET!! The SAME wallet that I already have because it was delivered on Friday! Of course coach.com and their 800 # are super swamped and I can't get thru to anyone. I'm seriously annoyed and frustrated because I'm leaving for a conference tomorrow and was really wanting to use my tote for my trip!

    Sorry, it's a rant but also I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced this? Each customer service rep I've spoke to were super nice but man... How many phone calls/chats does it take to ensure the correct item has been shipped?
  2. I think that these types of things happen exactly around the Thanksgiving rush of business, and typically not so much at other times of the year. I remember a lot of delayed shipments last year at this time, but then once resolved things went smoothly again (once they caught up from the rush).
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  3. Some of my items are still being processed even thought I placed an order last Sunday with overnight shipping.the order is being fulfilled partially and three packages were sent from the stores and not JAX. One of the packages doesn’t contain a pair of the boots that I ordered. I’m so disappointed. I emailed to customer service and if I don’t hear anything back from them tonight I will call the store tomorrow. This is the first time when I don’t receive something that was supposed to be in the box. Do you guys have any suggestions what I should do?
  4. I would call. I had to send an email to customer service regarding my bag and tried to explain that they sent the wallet instead and I needed to get the order corrected. When they responded they said "we are pleased to let you know your wallet should be arriving today". They didn't even read my email.

    Sorry about your order. My bag that I ordered in Nov is now on backorder and not due to ship until Dec 31st. Frustrating to say the least!
  5. Thank you! I called the store yesterday and they did some research and said yes we still have it, apologized and shipped the boots yesterday. I’m sorry to hear about your issue. Hopefully, you will get it faster. What bag did you order if you don’t mind me asking?
  6. It's the folio tote. I wanted it for work and when I go to conferences.
  7. I’m still waiting on a bag to ship that I purchased last Saturday. Has said shipping from store since last Sunday but hasn’t updated since. I’m not too pleased. Last time this happened to me, after a week of waiting they just cancelled my order, and finally got an email 2 days later saying sorry the item is out of stock. I wish they kept a better inventory and didn’t keep you waiting wondering whether or not you’ll actually be getting the item. Meanwhile other items I would choose instead in the sale are selling out and I’ll probably end up with no bag. It’s kind of frustrating.
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  8. I agree. It’s frustrating. I returned a wallet that I had ordered too and have yet to receive a refund. I don’t think I will be ordering online anymore. I’ll just find a SA at a store to work with.
  9. I would definitely call the store because this exact scenario happened to me. My order confirmation was emailed to me but I didn’t hear anything after a week.I called my SA and she said my order wasn’t in the system due to a technical glitch.

    They had to cancel and reorder and then it sat in the warehouse with the status “awaiting pick up” for 5 days prior to UPS picking up the package.