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On Cartier pink (rose) gold..

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  1. I have the love bracelet in rose gold and I *love* the tone of Cartier rose gold.
    I am having a jeweller make a special rose gold ring for me and want it to match Cartier rose gold as closely as possible. I’m trying to find out if Cartier uses a particular composition of gold/copper/silver, its own “secret receipt” for their rose gold?
    I found there are 3 types of hues ~ pink gold, rose gold, red gold. Pink gold has less copper percentage to yellow gold than rose gold. Cartier calls their rose gold “pink gold”, so I’m wondering if their rose gold is actually pink gold.
    However I think there must be a standard across high end jewellers for “rose gold” otherwise all our rose gold jewellery would not match...
  2. This chart might help. The hue can change depending on if 14 or 18k is used

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  3. Let us know what you find out. Cartier and VCA owned by the same parent company. Their rose/pink golds are different.
  4. I think you're going to have an exceedingly difficult time finding the information or matching it ... Have you considered buying a used rose gold love ring and melting it down to make yours?