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OMG I wax the skin off my upper lip...how do I prevent scarring?

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  1. Oh honey. Can you go see a doctor? Or a pharmacist for help? It will heal.
  2. Hope it’s significantly better now. Let us know
  4. Ugh! I was using Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair tone and the one for dark circles with retinol for 2 weeks. Not even thinking I waxed my lip and the next day got my brows done. This was also right before my bday. 2 Nd degree awful burns HBD to me. My eye and lip got infections and my eye was so swollen I couldn’t even open it. I’m now on prednisone and two oral anti b’s. I just don’t understand how the product does not put this on the box?!! Clearly this happens with retinol a lot yet people keep doing this because there are no warnings. Everything I read says stop retinol 7 days before waxing but now I’m terrified. Has anyone got burned really bad and went back to waxing? Ugh. I hope I don’t have scars and hyperpigmentation. Sucks.