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Official piercings thread

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  1. :smile: it is an addiction! lol. I am trying to pace myself... Heh

    I got a double forward helix, because the piercer says he can make it work, but for the first time (admittedly I've only done lobes, helixes and tragus so far) there is bleeding, day after, on the second forward helix. I'm going to see how it heals... i wanted to triple pierce it (Pinterest is such an instigator! Lol) but both shops I've gone to (years of experience and 5 stars on Yelp) warned me.

    Maybe a belly or nips 🤔 For the next
  2. It really is! And it's an expensive addiction :P I haven't fotten any new piercings in a while. The most recent I got was my septum and that was 4 years ago now! Damn I need another piercing! :P

    That can happen for a few days especially as you could have knocked at night. I wouldn't worry just yet :smile: I'd be concerned if it was bleeding a lot for a long period of time or if there is pus/ hot.

    I wanted to get a triple forward helix. Haven't asked my piercer yet but not sure if I should. I want to get it done on the ear below (excuse my horrible hair) but think I've run out of room! So maybe I'll go for an anti-tragus. :P


    I've been thinking of getting my nips pierced even went to the piercing shop then chickened out. :blush: I'm usually ok with pain but I'm thinking that place is way sensitive in comparison to my other piercing locations. From personal experience belly piercings aren't too bad. Just wear low cut jeans. I found that out the hard way however I was fairly young when I got my belly pierced. Learnt my lesson haha :biggrin:

    Pinterest and Instagram - worse place to look when you are starting to want more piercings! Gives too many ideas. Soon you'll have no room. Haha :biggrin:
  3. Ever since high school I've been extremely addicted to ear piercings.

    On my right ear I have 3 on my lobes, 4 cartilage (1 was alone and closed so after that I had triple and one closed so now I'm down to 2), and the last one on that ear is a forward helix.

    On my left ear I have 3 on my lobes, a rook, and a tragus (but it ripped and closed). :shrugs:

    I also have my belly pierced.

    I absolutely love my forward helix especially because its so small and dainty looking. I get so many compliments on it. So if anyone is looking into getting one go for it! It's unique and cute :amuse:

  4. Nice variety/collection of piercings! But ouch! Must have hurt A LOT accidentally ripping out a cartilage piercing!

    Only piercing I've ripped out was one of my microdermals when I was brushing my hair.

    I do want to get a forward helix, it is a really cute piercing as you can get some lovely jewellery for it. ️
  5. Aw thanks! It hurt so much when it ripped. But I think it hurt even more when I got a keloid on the back of the tragus, rook, and the forward helix.

    If anyone considers getting it, be extremely careful. The reason why I got keloids is because I kept hitting it on accident or my boyfriend would accidentally bump into my ear because I'm short my height is his arms span. Also make sure your hair doesn't get caught on the forward helix.

    Where exactly did you find jewelry for it? I found some on Venus by Maria Tash but that's about it. Right now I just have a flat back nose ring in it.

  6. Oh dear >_< that must have hurt more than actually getting the piercing.

    I've been very lucky to not get any keloids, I didn't realise bumping the piercing could cause them.

    The brand I'm using now is called Anatometal and they make a selection of different barbells, ends and more. &#65039;Living in the UK means there is only a small selection of piercing studios that carry this brand. I would love to order through a piercing/tattoo studio to help them but the closest is just so far away from me sadly I tend to order through www.bodyartforms.com they provide a selection of different brands ranging from low/decent quality to high quality jewellery. They also have the Maria Tash range which I would love to some day get a clicker from for my septum but so pricey.
  7. @TasheRAWR oh wow I'll be sure to check out their stuff. Thanks!
  8. Wow, very pretty industrial. I wanted one but my ears are too small. Enjoy!
  9. I am currently dealing with an annoying keloid right now because I just my cartilage pierced a few months ago and it still feels raw. My skin is sensitive so it probably will be fussy for a while.

    Anyway, I came across this still from Beyonce's new video of her wearing a ton of piercings. I had no idea she even had this much, it looks beautiful on her. It makes me want more.

  10. I used to have a lot of piercings. These were not all worn at the same time, just the number of times I've gotten pierced

    Cartilage done twice
    Tragus done twice
    Belly done twice
    6 lobe piercings

    Currently i still only have my lobe piercings but I never wear more than one earring on my ear. It's important to go to a good piercer (don't ever get pierced in Vegas ) and also to use high quality jewelry. After I got my belly done in Vegas I had cheap jewelry I bought on campus during college and my body start to reject it. I was swimming in the pool and it just ripped out and I didn't feel a thing bc the skin had gotten so thin (sorry for the grossness)

    I also started my job at a five star hotel and they didn't allow any piercings. I'm out of there now and I'm wanting a front helix! So cute.
  11. When piercing, a lower navel is the same as a regular naval piercing: A very hard, short pinching sensation. The difference, however, is generally in the healing time. The placement of a lower navel piercing is a bit awkward and sitting, clothing and such will often put more stress on it than it would a normal naval placement. The additional stress can lead to a longer healing time and the potential of rejection. Just make sure you get a piercer competent enough to place it, use proper initial jewelry, observe proper aftercare and wear appropriate clothing during the duration its healing (internally & externally).
  12. Does anyone have a good piercing shop recommendation in Portland OR???
  13. There. should be quite a few; look for someone certified by the Association of Professional Piercers. Good luck!
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  14. Just a minor post; I am, 63 years old, got a nose stud at 53 (wanted it for my 50th, but of course I had to think about it for 3 more years! So recently I decided my 2 mm 14 KT YG is not big enough. I wanted a bigger one. I am near Santa Rosa CA, and you would not believe how hard it is to find YG. All the places I visited said it would be special order and take 3 months. Geez! So I broke down and ordered a 4mm half round (flat on the part against my nose) so it won't look like a golf ball, LOL. I had not thought of that but the piercer suggested it and I saw it was a good idea; I get the coverage but not sticking way up high. So waiting for an 18 KT YG stud to arrive in August. Sheesh! I love looking at everyone's body jewelry but other than a few in my ears (rarely used in recent years) This will probably be my only other piercing (unless I lose 60 lbs and somehow get a sixpack, LOL, then I'll go for the belly ring. Umm probably not happening in this lifetime!~
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  15. I used to work at a tattoo and piercing shop when I was in college as a counter girl, and I’ve always loved body modifications!

    I’ve taken out so many now at this point, but here are my ears currently!

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