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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

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  1. Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 everyone!! This sale is a holiday in its own right and we know how much you all love it too!

    When sharing your purchases or items you are looking at, please post a link to the item on Nordstrom's site in this thread. Not only does it let everyone easily check out the items you are looking at, but it helps us too as we are partners with Nordstrom. We're a small team and always appreciate the support, so if you are shopping online, we'd love for you to shop through our links.

    GIVEAWAY ALERT: To celebrate the occasion, we are giving away EIGHT $200 Gift Cards to 8 different tPFers during the Anniversary Sale! Click here to find out how to enter. Good luck and happy shopping!

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  3. Oh funny! I did the same with the leopard this year. And I’m not even sure if I look good in them!
  4. This is one thing Macy’s does better than Nordstrom. Also H&M, AE and Primark.
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  5. Yep, I just happened to be up with my daughter and managed to snag the AllSaints Balfern in pink. Whether it will ship or not is questionable but it was exhilarating for a few seconds at least.
  6. Agree with all of this! Unfortunately, even with my cancellations, I still spent waaayyy too much. Somehow gotta edit it down to my budget . Some items I ordered on the 12th won’t even get to me till this Thursday. So maybe I should be happy about the problems, ha!
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  7. On me they run large. Even size 00 is too big so I’m sized out. I have tried many styles over the years but the fit is just off on my petite frame so I couldn’t buy them. I’ll just stick with Agolde, AG and Mother’s which are petites friendly. Good luck!
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  8. Has anyone ordered/seen the Shinola Watch? I am excited for it, its coming this week, but wondering how it looks in person.
  9. Time has flown lately. I went to the store Thursday for returns which went fine & I was so excited to see the hat that I thought about buying originally & passed by because I was so hot from try on that first shopping day. I think my store is trying to save money by not running their air conditioner high enough. No one wants to try on warm clothes in the hot summer. It seems like in the past I remember it being almost too cold in the stores. Oh well I snagged the treasure & bond felt hat with the snake band!! That was my highlight. No restocks as you all have commented & did snag an item online here & there.
  10. These are very comfortable and extremely affordable. They run a size too big. Material is super thin and stretchy. I bought two pairs at year’s sale, one lasted 6 months and the other about 9. They do shrink over time. So I don’t think they are meant to last a long time. But for the price I think it’s decent.
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  11. I got this too and love it! However, I’m so short so the pockets fall way down my legs. Trying to see if they can be moved up. I have the circle sweaters but find these to fit better except for the length. I’m also contemplating on getting my boy a matching dog sweater!
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  13. Take them to your shoe dept. I was debating between regular and extended calf on a pair of Tory boots. They told me to get the regular and if it was too tight they have a calf stretcher than can extend them up to an inch.
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  14. Anyone purchase the Vans Classic Slip-On Sneaker that is part of the sale? It is the pair that is black with white tiny dots. How do you think they feel? I don't feel they are the same quality as the other slip on Vans from every other anniversary sale so am debating on them. I usually buy a pair every sale :smile: