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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

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  1. Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 everyone!! This sale is a holiday in its own right and we know how much you all love it too!

    When sharing your purchases or items you are looking at, please post a link to the item on Nordstrom's site in this thread. Not only does it let everyone easily check out the items you are looking at, but it helps us too as we are partners with Nordstrom. We're a small team and always appreciate the support, so if you are shopping online, we'd love for you to shop through our links.

    GIVEAWAY ALERT: To celebrate the occasion, we are giving away EIGHT $200 Gift Cards to 8 different tPFers during the Anniversary Sale! Click here to find out how to enter. Good luck and happy shopping!

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  2. Did anyone buy any of the Poppy Finch jewelry? Or does anyone here have any? The reviews seem to be mediocre.
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  5. Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 2.36.01 AM.png
    Uhm... Does this count as another entry for me? LOL.
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  7. Seems like we have had mixed reviews on the Treasure & Bond Cozy V-Neck Sweater with one saying it is itchy and one liking it. There is only one two star review. Anyone else have experience trying it on or purchasing it? Still debating it so would appreciate it :smile:
  8. Wit and Wisdom runs large. I have multiple pairs of them. They're good for the price but the lifespan is probably a yr, maybe two. They do stretch out over time.
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  9. We (my daughter and I) were excited to have snagged the PF bracelet that appeared in the catalogue on Icon day, although our SA had to order it from another store and we had to pick it up last Thursday. First of all it took almost an hour for the store to find the package. When they did, we opened it in front of our SA and it was so tangled up, not on a card or in a box that held it in place - it looked like a dangling earring with lots of tiny pearls. After the SA untangled it, we were all amazed to find it was child sized, a super tiny bracelet, with links so delicate a child would tear them, and a clasp so tiny that no adult (we all tried) could open or close it. Needless to say it was a huge disappointment and we returned it on the spot, but our SA wanted to show it to her manager and the jewelry manager, because it really was sub par merchandise.
  10. My heart fully goes out too you....my fur baby is one of my children in every way that matters...sending hugs and love from a fellow dog mommy
  11. I bought the silvery gray and was considering the loden Montecito when they were marked down 33%- I love it! It is sooo soft and cozy. I was worried about the sleeves being tight since some of the reviews noted that but it is fine with a long sleeve shirt underneath. I wish I had bought the loden as well- the only reason I did not is I bought the NAS long cardi in the olive and thought that was enough. The Montecito is a really nice design- I will watch for it to go on sale again.

    BTW, there is an amethyst BFD cardi marked down 50%- I bought one of those as well. It looks like it may have come from a previous NAS because when I received it, it had an anni tag on it with an intervening markdown. It is BN, still in its factory bag. Some do not like the design as it is a little shaggy and boxy but for weekend excursions and around the house, it is fine.

    The BFD circle is a beloved BFD design- it is a perennial favorite of the NAS. If you miss out this year, keep the faith it will appear again next NAS.
  12. Quoting my old post and to add feedback - I received this today and I am just not a fan.The color is beautiful, but I feel like it runs a bit small compared to the other SB items I have. It may work as an underlayer but I have a ton of those and $60 is still a lot to spend on something that no one sees! Even though I am between sizes (needing to lose a few lbs due to back injury), I don't want to commit to something that is unflattering!

    I grabbed the Voluspa set http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/voluspa-classic-candle-duo-48-value/5285753 but not the Diptyque set - not sure I need more teeny tiny candles, and definitely don't need more fragrances! The Voluspa are still "getting ready" but I actually hope they don't ship over the next few days due to the current heatwave - I definitely don't want any melty candles!
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  13. It seems to work better to have candles shipped to store this time of year. And if there is an issue, you can immediately return. I had 5 Blue Capri candles ruined last NAS when the delivery person left packages in the sun at my doorstep. Or it could be the truck was hot or a combination. But it was a mess.
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