New Consignment store in Sydney

Mar 24, 2009
I’m not finding much information on them at all. They say they have a trained team that carefully reviews all items in person. They also go on to say they use Entrupy for select handbags.
I’ve heard that Entrupy is prone to making mistakes. They say if you don’t have a certificate of authenticity (which many fakes also have, and they should know that), they will need a form of authenticity at a cost of $40 to you, the seller, using Entrupy - which can’t necessarily be trusted. They’re contradicting themselves in that they have their own employees inspect the goods first hand, but also use Entrupy if needed.
Personally, I think I’d stick to tried and tested consignment stores for selling if I were you. Maybe I’m being harsh, but better safe than sorry. Best of luck to you.