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Neiman Marcus gift card event.

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  2. any word on when the next neiman marcus gift card event is? does it usually include louboutins? how much of a gift card do you get for something that is $1375? thanks!
  3. I want to know too, I'm getting a new Balenciaga bag by the end of month or early July.
  4. I asked my Neiman's SA and she said there would not be an event until after the sales are over, so I guess there won't be an event until at least July??
  5. Hey guys,

    I just missed the last gift card event for NM, which ended November 2nd.

    Does anyone know if there will be another gift card event soon (before the holidays)?

  6. I heard there will be one towards the end of November- for some event but I don't remember the name
  7. I think that must be it. My SA sent me a picture of Judith Leiber clutch and said it was good towards gift card.....
  8. thanks for the responses! hopefully they'll be a regular one (not for jewelry only) soon .
  9. Has anyone received their giftcard from the November event??
  10. BUMP!

    Has anyone yet received their giftcard??
  11. I haven't receive it yet, they said it will take 6-8 weeks from your order date. :sad:
  12. Thanks for the information! I wish it would come sooner- I could really use that to buy gifts!!
  13. Yah me too. I just asked them again and they said they will email me the gift card end of this month :sad:
  14. BUMP! anyone get their gift card yet? Happy new years everyone!!