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My Wife and I literally just Found a Balenciaga Bag

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  1. It has the little Mirror and strap everything still. We literally moved into a new apartment, and it was in the dumpster on top of a bag full of clothes. We went back the next day to check in the clothing but they had taken the trash already.

    How much do you think it is worth, we are in a tight spot and need money, but if its not worth it to sell it, my Wife can use it.

    The comparrison image here isn't the exact same but it's really close.

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  2. Try the Authenticate this Balenciaga thread to see if it real first.
  3. Please post in the "Authenticate this" thread" with the needed pics, see the two links below. I'm reasonably sure it's not authentic but we'll take a look if you post the pics.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.