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My brand new Antigonas!! Two in one week!!

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  1. Hi everyone!!
    I'm so excited, this is my first ever post on Louis Vuitton Bag!!
    Been following off and on for several years then had a break when I paused my luxury bag spending- but I have two incredible Antigonas and a total of 3 bag purchases I want to share!!!

    Givenchy had 50% off for their annual sale. I'd seen the Black Triangle Patch initially, couldn't decide and it sold out- was so disappointed.

    Then I went to another Givenchy store interstate- and they had not only the patch bag in black, but in GREY as well!!

    I couldn't decide!!!

    Which one would you have picked?

    So I picked the Black initially; it's my first ever Givenchy bag purchase, and the SA very wisely reminded me that the Black never goes on sale. I love love LOVE the rock chick tough feminine aesthetic this design brings. Initially I wasn't a huge fan of the patchwork. But once I'd left the store, I couldn't stop thinking about it!!

    The Grey also gives that tough luxe aesthetic- but I was nervous- would Grey be timeless for my taste? Could I wear it to work, like I also intend to with the Black?

    I love the Black, but the Grey gives a slightly different character. The patches stand out more IMO. And I had this incredible warm flutter of JOY whenever I looked at the Grey.

    I kept returning to the store to gawk at the Grey even after purchasing the Black. I felt so guilty! I work hard, have a lot of expenses lately but it was also my birthday coming up; Givenchy rarely do sales; I am not one to buy a bag a year (let alone 3); and some significant career milestones were achieved. When I got a huge promotion three years ago, I couldn't find a lovely black or neutral boss lady bag that I liked, and so I was carrying a battered Alexander Wang canvas tote to work- it's a great bag too but felt out of place.

    I haven't owned any fully zip-top bags in like, 5 years- I have gotten accustomed to having my belongings in plain view and reach, but have LOVED having a full ziptop again since purchasing the Antigona.

    And gosh, 50% off!! I wouldn't have felt so good if I'd purchased my Antigonas full price.

    So I ended up revisiting and BOUGHT THE GREY TOO- and was SOOOOO HAPPY!!!

    They complement each other so well!!

    Oh, and there was a 50% off sale on the large Mansur Gavriel Black and Ballerina VTL bucket- it seemed crazy, I am not one to buy TWO luxe bags in one day let alone 3 in 1 week- but the bucket bag is so beautiful and useful, too.

    So I got that too!!

    Now I feel so satisfied!!!! No more bags for the year :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
    I feel so motivated to continue working and saving (and building my other savings in non-bag areas) too!! The joy these bags bring is so worth it to me!

    Megs, if you ever read this- your MG Bucket Bag and Antigona Purseonals were so helpful when I considered these purchases- thank you and Vlad for creating such a wonderful space for us to peruse and share!

    I did wonder- was I crazy to want to purchase two of the same distinctive pattern and style of bag? I read some of the previous threads on this topic, but given the patch is so distinctive on this one, was doubting myself- I'm so glad i stopped caring what others may think, it's my money and my purchase, and I love how I can wear them for different looks and moods! And half price, wow!

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  2. Another pic of my bag family!

    The Antigonas are 100% calf, btw! Still so overjoyed :biggrin:

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  3. Congratulations on your beautiful new bags! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Enjoy!
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  4. Thank you so much!!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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  5. Awesome first post @bagsamplified. Welcome and we're glad to have you join our little G fam.

    Glad you figured out what makes you happy and that when u work hard, u need to reward yourself sometimes. Beautiful bags that are just a bit more special, and at an amazing deal for such neutrals. Adorable MG bag too.
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  6. Thank you!! Yes it's great to remember this :smile: we deserve to recognise our hard work! I will treasure these bags for years to come! Have a wonderful day :biggrin::biggrin:
  7. What a great first post and Welcome! The bags you chose are beautiful! Congrats and enjoy!
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  8. Thank you so much!! Been wearing nearly everyday now (not at the same time LOL) and loving them!!