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LV Prices in Singapore

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  1. Thank you! I also got a Victorine wallet in the new colour, Freesia. It is pure gorgeousness! Walked in to Ngee Ann and Ion - both had display pieces left
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  2. These new bags are coming up! I saw these posted at another thread - just sharing to all fellow Singaporeans - what do u think of these?

    440B5281-70AA-4563-B85D-957AA5AB9DCE.jpeg E5D63F2E-E3F2-453A-A2C4-636C0F44AD61.jpeg
  3. Hi anyone know how much is the monogram toiletry pouch 26 in sg? Thanks :smile:
  4. Hello, anyone know how much is the palm spring mini in Sg? Issit cheaper to buy at airport? TIA
  5. Anyone knows how much the LV never full and LV pochette costs ? Thank u
  6. Hi, I'm also looking for the PS mini!! So lucky you got it!! Did your friend just get it in store or did they have to pre order? TIA!
  7. Hi,

    Got it from LV airport at T3, was $2476. Yes definitely cheaper at airport but hard to get item as with many other LV stores.
  8. Wow so lucky! U managed to get at t3 this month?
  9. Got it end of last month, yeah was a lucky coincidence they’d one in stock. I was told it would be easier to score one at airport then the town stores. In town, it would usually by waitlist. However, i believe they can’t do reservation at airport so it would be by chance. If you know an SA at airport, you could try to contact them to let them know when you’ll be traveling and to keep an eye for a specific item you’ve in mind.
  10. Congrats!
  11. Hi TPFers, does anyone know the price of the men's multiple wallet in SG?
  12. Hi guys! Do you know the price of alma bb now? Thank you.
  13. Does anyone know the current Neverfull MM price in Singapore? Looking to buy one on my next trip! xx
  14. It's around $1770