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LV Prices in Singapore

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  1. Hi guys,got a question for the people in Singapore(if there's anyone out there that can help).Anyway,any idea how much the Popincourt Haut bag is in Singapore? I'll be flying through on an Australian passport so I'm hoping I can get it tax free.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. If I am not wrong its SGD1400.
  3. Calling all the Singaporean tPFer, can u guys tell me how much the pricing for these 2 items? Thank you for your help.:yes:
  4. Pomme Rosewood: $1,258.61 SGD
    Pomme Small Ring Agenda: $462.20 SGD

    I converted these prices from USD to Singaporean currency. I'm not too sure if the prices are higher in Singapore, but just trying to help a fellow tPF'er out!
  5. i think the price is higher in singaphor i bought mirrage last month .. its 300 USD more than the actual price even if you claim tha VAT ... its more expensive
  6. how much u paid for the bag ? how much for the VAT ?
  7. 10s John
  8. rosewood sgd1420

    not sure which agenda u refering to. hope this helps!
    small ring agenda cover sgd505
    mini agenda sgd380

    the price may have increase slightly after the last price increase. price is inclusive of 7%GST. usually singapore LV price is between 1.54 to 1.68 times of usa LV price (per eluxury).

    u can also email LV for exact price (click contact at www.louisvuitton.com)
  9. Hi does anybody know the price of tivoli GM and trevi PM in singapore. Is it cheaper to purchase from singapore or from Bangkok. My mom is trying to get trevi but the singapore store said that they are sold out. And for the tivoli I am thinking of getting that as a birthday present for her. Any info will be great. Thanks!
  10. i rem the SA told me the GM is S1990. But im not abt the Pm.
  11. tivoli PM SG$1480
    tivoli GM SG$1980

    p/s: anyone know vernis pomme agenda PM size in singapore ?
  12. Trevi pm SGD$2480
  13. Hi,

    Does anyone know the price of epi zippy wallter in Singapore? Thanks in advance. :smile:
  14. Does anyone here know the prices for these amazing bags in Singapore dollars?

    One of these could be my second LV bag and its time to save up!!!!! Thanks in advance :smile:

    Damier Geant: Yack and Albatros

    Utah Leather: Wichita

    Epi Leather: Keepall 45
  15. Hi snj, you could give the Singapore boutiques a call. :yes: