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LV in Australia

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  1. There is Reebonz who sell preloved designer goods online and they also have a store in Sydney CBD. I've also seen online australian sites like mynetsale.com.au sell preloved LV sometimes (but not always).

    I find buying from trusted Japanese eBay sellers the way to go to buy preloved LV. The supply of preloved LV there is huge (not to mention the quality much better) so the prices aren't as steep as you would have to pay domestically. You can also often find that some sellers have free express shipping - I just recently purchased a preloved LV speedy 30 in epi fawn which took 4 days to arrive from Japan!
  2. Hi,

    I don't know of any reputable consignment stores in Melbourne. I still use Yoogi's and Fashionphile for preloved LV purchases. No issues with customs, and the prices are fair even when considering the exchange rate. Japanese resellers are great for vintage Chanel.
  3. Hi,
    I have bought from a seller called 'Brandoff' on Ebay a couple of times, They are as they describe and not a bad price compared to Fashionphile and Yoogies.
    I have also bought and sold on gumtree with no hassle as you can pay through paypal, although I do prefer to see the bag IRL and it's good if they still have the store receipt.Bags of charm is also a reputable consignment store but their items sell very quickly! If you are ever unsure you can get items authenticated here on purseforum and also Caroldiva.
  4. Thanks so much, really appreciate your advice!
  5. Would you trust authenticity here in Australia if they can provide the original store receipt?

  6. Usually, but receipts can be faked too. Rare but I hear it can be done. If I buy within Australia and they have the store receipt, I'm more likely to buy it :biggrin:
  7. I just found a store in CBD Sydney - their online shop looks quite good, but I can't speak to the authenticity of it since I've never bought from their before. The prices are a bit high though (as everything is in Oz), but you can go there and see the bags for yourself before you buy and they offer free pick up.

  8. Hi! Thanks for starting this thread... Very informative... :smile:
  9. I have purchased from Yoogiscloset and Anns Fab Finds :smile: there is Helen's Designer Consignments here in Perth. They have a facebook page :biggrin:
  10. There is also gymdo collections on the Gold Coast. They don't get a huge range in, but it's sometimes worth checking them out. They have an Instagram account too.
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    There is plenty of genuine Aussie sellers. I'm Aussie and I sell my genuine LV and Chanel on ebay when I'm finished with it. I would feel weird about gumtree. I only sell on ebay with PayPal because it protects me against dishonest buyers.

    In saying that, when I buy preloved nowadays it's only with authentication plus receipt. You even need to authenticate the receipts now. I've notice australian sellers on ebay selling stuff with receipts from Asia that are fakes.

    With LV and Chanel, they say bag is new with receipt but the times and dates on receipt don't match serial numbers and date codes. Also odd shopping times like 3am? I hate fakes :nono:
  12. There is a store called "Blue Spinach" in Darlinghurst, Sydney. They have a website as well so you can buy online. I have never bought anything from them so can't comment on the experience.
  13. Hi there,
    I see that a lot of people are commenting about online stores and non-lv stores and I was wondering if you guys had a preference for a certain Australian LV store?
    I'm considering my first purchase and I want to go to a store with good SAs.
    Also, I live in Brisbane so if you have a favourite SA in the CBD I would love to know!

    Also, any first-time buyer tips? What should I make sure I get with my purchase (box, dustbag etc). Is there anything particular I should ask about?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi there! I live in Sydney and think the Maison (the large store on George St) is incredible! It's my absolute favourite and my SA - Olivia - she's wonderful! Another TPF'er recommended her and I am so glad they did! I can't speak highly enough of her..

    I'm sorry I don't know the Brisbane stores particularly well so can't help there.

    You will always get a dustbag when you purchase and mostly always receive a box. I don't think I've ever NOT received a box... that said, I have so many boxes that I'm beginning to think I should create an LV box Xmas tree this year...

    My tip is to go during an off-peak time, so you don't feel rushed or overwhelmed. Don't be shy about asking to try stuff on and walking over to the mirror to see what it looks like on.

    Otherwise enjoy!