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Loving the Triomphe Canvas Pieces (Thank god!!)

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  1. I was worried about the direction Celine was going to go in after the takeover, but these bags have restored my love for celine and I can really see myself buying one of these bags!

    Very Goyard-esque. They look expensive and chic too, which is good, as sometimes monogram can look tacky (like the new Burberry monogram pieces).

    What do you all think?

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  2. It's a safe throwback to the Céline I knew in 1999.
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  3. I find them very predictable.
    I get that he wants to go back to the original Celine and make it all about bon ton burgeoise, but one thing is to reinterpret the past for today, and another is to go to the archives and just copy one piece after the other with no filter nothing. Legitimate, but you don’t really need a creative director for that. Also, bringing back a print that was short lived in its time does not suddenly turn it into a classic. It was derivative then and it is derivative now. Just my thoughts.

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  4. Yeah I know what you mean, there are slight tweaks to make the bags more 'now' but nothing major has changed about the designs since back then I guess. I think every brand needs canvas pieces in their permanent line, as they can often become classic, especially totes (Neverfull, Goyard St Louis, etc.). I guess we'll see how they're received by the GP