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Louis Vuitton Zipper Chipping

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  1. I have had the pallas clutch for about 2 years, have worn it a fair amount of times since then but it has not been an every day bag and I take good care of it. There is a fair amount of chipping of the brass zipper pull, which I started to notice about 6 months after I got it. The brass clasps on each end of the removable strap are still flawless, it is just the zipper that is chipping. Should I take my bag into the LV store to get a new zipper pull, or is this chipping normal and expected? Thanks for any insight!

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  2. Just take it to a store. They can replace the zipper pull (often on the spot). It’s usually done free of charge.
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  3. I’ve had mines for about 2 years also. No sign of chipping on the zipper pull. Still looks good.
  4. I took it to my local LV store and they were able to replace the zipper free of charge!
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