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Louis Vuitton Rivoli owners! Question about dustbag

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  1. I just bought a Rivoli pm and noticed at home that I didn't get that little dust bag for lock and keys. It usually comes with bags that has a lock... Did you guys have one?
    Also the strap came without a dust bag.

    Oh, and where are your bags dust bag made? Mine says "Made in China". Which I think is normal, but quite surprising for a Louis Vuitton bag...:hrmm:
  2. I’m such an idiot...:rolleyes: I rechecked the dust bag and it says ”Made in India” like all of my LV dust bags :tup:

    But still wondering about the tiny dust bag for lock and keys. Is there any Rivoli owners here? Did you have one?
  3. Just go to your store and ask for one. It’s not a big deal.
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  4. I’m about to do that next time I’m in the city.
    And I don’t think it’s a big deal. So don’t worry :smile: Just wanted to know if someone did have it, or not. Maybe this bag is an exception and it is not supposed to come with that.
    That’s fine too!
  5. These things are up to the SA who wraps your bag.
  6. Oh, Thank you! Good to know! So it is definitely a good idea to go and ask for it :smile:
  7. The keys for my Rivoli just came in a little box with tissue paper. I noticed that the other Rivoli (the PM, I got the MM) had the same little box. My strap didn't come in anything, either. In fact, none of the straps for any of my bags have.
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  8. I don’t think it’s normal for straps to come in a dust bag. Not every loose/detachable thing will come with one.
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  9. You can ask for them next time you visit. The straps do not come with a dust bag but I like to detach them and store them inside a mini-drawstring dust bag inside the actual bag. In the beginning I had to ask for one each time but now they just include it because they know my preference.
  10. I’ve actually never been that impressed with LV dustbags I have received. They are well sewn (my Chloe dust bag ripped) but that’s all I can give them. My dustbag for my Verona MM is way too small. It’s the same size as my Speedy 30 dustbag! The material is just ok and the dustbags don’t have drawstrings.

    I’d definitely ask for what you want from the SA.
  11. I can’t answer for Rivoli but my Alma bb lock came in a dust bag. I ordered my bag on the LV website. My speedy b 25 monogram that I bought at the store had the lock come in a box. ‍♀️
  12. It really is up to the SA. I bought my RIVOLI PM in Madrid. Because I asked for dust bags. I got a huge storage box and a small box not knowing what I can carry it back to US. My PM size got a big dust bag, then the keys are in a little paper box with the lock its own dust bag. The strap has its own dust bag. When I bought my PM in South Coast Plaza, the SA did not pack it with a dust bag for the strap. Even after I went back to ask for it, she said they don’t come with one.