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Louis Vuitton purchase limit (At least in the UK for now)

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  1. I’ve made a promise to myself I will not buy Chanel brand new anymore after another price increase, and so far I am sticking to it! Preloved is the way to go.
  2. I guess they tried to play "hard to get". Frankly everytime I goes into Chanel, there are hardly more than 2, 3 customers at a time
  3. Just to update I placed my order online last Friday first thing in the morning. Has been waiting anxiously these last few days to see whether they will ship my order or cancel it, and just received an email confirmation saying my order has been shipped! Phew! Anyway I’ve decided all the anxiety I’ve been having over whether I’m allowed to buy some bags or not is totally not worth it, therefore I’m putting myself on ban island until further notice, or at least until my bank balance recovers x
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  4. May i know why tourist from Asia they get limit for purchase something?