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Louis Vuitton Hawaii !!!!!

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  1. Are there lots of new rules in the LV Boutiques in Hawaii now?
    They can't hold anything. If they have to get items from another store, you must come in to pay for it then. Can't buy any extra luggage tags (they have none) even though you have luggage? Haven't tried this before but have read they are hard to come by.

    Other new or old rules???

    Thank you!
  2. Does LV Whalers village do phone purchase for store pick up? I have a friend going over to Maui and want her to get a bag for me, but don’t want to burden her with the credit card bill! Thanks in advance!
  3. What I've been told, no phone orders. The person buying the item must have the credit card in their name.
  4. Going to Hawaii shortly and after a particular item. Does someone have a SA in Honolulu I could message ahead of time? TIA x
  5. What location? I have an SA in in the Ala Moana LV boutique.
  6. That would be perfect thanks
  7. In Ala Moana boutique:
    Sharon V.

    Just mention that: Marvelyn referred you to them and they will take care of you:>
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  8. Thanks you wouldn’t have an email for them so I could message them ahead of time?
  9. Anyone seen the nano speedy in Hawaii? My family is traveling there this month. Also what is the price there for the speedy b 25? I might have to give up on the nano. :crybaby:
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  10. Traveling here later this week.

    I dont have anything I need to get but if I see a pochette metis......
  11. Prices in Hawaii are about 10% cheaper than online prices :smile: also our sales tax is at 4.7% in Oahu. I just purchased a speedy b 25 in Empreinte last week and the total with tax was less than $2500.
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  12. My Ala Moana boutique dont have nano speedy but speedy b 25 is $1290 and speedy b30 is $1320
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  13. Any one have a SA in Maui that is willing to share contact?
  14. Text him a date and time you'd like to make an appointment and which items you're interested in. I was able to get almost all the items between 2 days. He's such a sweet heart.

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  15. Back in June, my daughter bought several handbags and a Keepall, for me, from MacKenzie. He also did a hot stamp for my Keepall luggage tag. Excellent job and so very helpful!!