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Louis Vuitton Hawaii !!!!!

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  1. Does anyone have a SA they recommend on Oahu? I have been emailing back and forth with one for 2 months she cancelled today (Friday) evening for our Sunday appointment. I sent her my wishlist long in advance. Needless to say I am extremely disappointed. I purchased from her in November and was hoping to establish a relationship.
  2. I have one! Dm me!
  4. Hi calibaggal,
    I will be in Oahu in April and very much want to purchase the Favourite MM Mono and the longer mono strap. Would you mind giving me your SA’s details so I can contact them directly? I want to make sure they have it in stock. I’m in Australia and it’s much easier than calling. Thanks so much!
  6. Hi I will be in Maui Wailea does anyone have a SA that works at the LV Wailea Store that I can work with before I go?


  7. Hi do you have the SA info for Wailea Maui?

  8. Hi do you have Yumiko contact information?
  9. Hi do you have Eileen contact information?
  10. Yes i bought a speedy and a purse chain in Honolulu. There is sales tax from what I remember but it’s lower then CA and the prices were slightly lower.
  11. It's generally 10% cheaper. I just moved from CA and with the sales tax it's like a 15% off sale every day at LV lol
  12. Is it the same 10% off in Maui like in Oahu?
  13. Yes :smile:
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  14. Does anyone have a sa for honolulu
  15. Yes! Please dm me