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Louis Vuitton Cles/Key Pouch

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  1. I have a LV Cles and I think it’s one of the most versatile pieces, you can use it for everything!
    But lately, I have seen something weird about this piece. I see the key pouch being sold in Poshmark/EBay and other sides for around $300-$400. You can get a brand new one for $205.

    Why is this happening? I thought maybe it was because it was sold out but I have seen it many times pop on the website.
    Have you seen this with other LV pieces?
  2. It is like any of the items that are hard to get. Mini Pochette, PA, metis, PSM. They all get listed for silly money.
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  3. I think some of these sites hope people don’t know boutique price. Maybe they are unfamiliar and get caught up with the excitement of purchasing an item. Or they are overseas buyer and get confused with the money exchange rates. It just sucks that it works for these companies.
  4. Supply and demand.
    It's getting harder to find them online it seems, although not too bad in-store since the boutiques have priority for restocking over the website, and sellers/consignment stores are selling these pieces at those prices because a)they know that most people don't know the actual price that LV sells them for, and b)those that do and still want the cles badly enough may be willing to pay the higher price just to have one.
  5. To put it simply...as long as buyers are willing to shell out over the retail prices resellers will always be in business and continue to do what they do.
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  6. I managed to get the mono key pouch while on vacation in Aruba. They sell higher on reseller sites because of short supply. I really wanted the mini pochette but the Aruba store only had it in DE.
  7. See I would think oh if they are in the US they could just check the website. MY OWN MOTHER bought something from a well-known consignment shop for well over retail and the item wasn't even out of stock. So it definitely works. I guess people just think that's the price if they don't know the brand.

    I was so mad at my mom because she ended up not even wanting it and missed the return window and had to sell it back for a big loss. She was buying old used items for the price of brand new stuff. :annoyed: It was really frustrating because she only started buying LV after I did and I'm like mom just ask me. Ugh.
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