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Looking for giant speedy

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find one? Looks like Saks is sold out.
  2. It is sold out all over. I am hoping they restock the collection.
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  3. Keep checking online.
  4. It’s been available all day at the Chicago LV store in green. I called CS they told me it’s sold out. Go figure.
  5. Have you tried calling client services ???
    I wanted one and had missed the preorder stage. I contacted my ca twice and he was unable to get me one or put me in the waiting list. I also made a few phone calls to client services and was told not available! Thought I’d give it one more go and called again and on the 29th May the lovely lady at client services put me on the waiting list and l was contacted for payment last week and it’s arriving tomorrow! Super excited
    So I guess keep trying.
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  6. I ordered and prepaid for my mine in April....still has not arrived :annoyed: :mad:
  7. Wow! That’s a long wait!
    You should chase them up, I’m sure your doing that already. Not sure where you are I’m from the uk. Mine arrived today, had a quick look and LOVE.
    Hope you get yours soon.
  8. Did you get yours??
  9. Mine finally arrived last week :drinks:! I was about to cancel the order when my CA texted me that it finally came in. I’m in the US. Congrats on getting yours! I love it!
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