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Lilly Pulitzer is coming back to Target

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  2. Yeah, it was selling for more than real Lilly goes for within five minutes. I did end up finding some stuff for my daughter though . I stalked the returns.
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  3. Saw this on Facebook
    Screenshot_20190814-203317_Facebook.gif Screenshot_20190814-203309_Facebook.gif
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  4. Super exciting.The stuff I bought my daughter held up well enough to pass it onto my niece. Hopefully this line will be good quality.
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  5. I'm excited.
    I know each store carries different merchandise.
    Interesting sales plan. I know women who went from store to store.
    They are putting a limit on the number of items that can be purchased.
  6. It looks like most of the popular designers are coming back.

    I still have several items from earlier lines. My Jason Wu dress gets worn regularly.
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  7. I'm excited for this! I'm hoping I can snag the napkins and bowls that I missed out on and few other items from the other lines. I wish they would've added some new things as well.
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  8. I wish there were also new items rather than just bringing items back.
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  9. Perspective: I just bought real Lilly shifts for $10 more at the friends and family sale. I’m not going to rush into Target for this but I hope I can get a shift anyway.
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  10. Update: the shifts look like they sold out online ASAP. I did get one thanks to my dog waking me up at 4am to go out
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  11. I got a few things I couldn’t get my hands on last time and refused to pay eBay prices.
    Nosie posey shift and Missoni blue cardigan

    Another perspective: my coffee cups from last release lasted better than the full line store, the Lilly prints came off in the wash the ones I got from the store, but the target ones are s till looking good after 4 or 5 years of use!
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  12. All the shifts are back on the Target website (but not in all sizes). I just bought the two that sold out yesterday. I guess some people’s payment information didn’t go through.

    I still have my Missoni sweater from 2011 in regular rotation and it looks amazing.
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  13. I got a Missoni dress and sweater !
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  14. The relaunch wasn't nearly as crazed as the original. I checked out online at 7 am for 3 items with no issues, and then went to the store at 10 am. No crowds, racks were fairly full. I got the matching Missoni dress to a cardigan that I still had from the original 2011 launch, and some cute Lilly Pulitzer kids clothing.