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Le Bon Marche - Jumbo flap

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  1. I will be going to Paris soon with my family who are not at all interested in luxury shopping. We have a fairly busy itinerary planned and I want to sneak away to Chanel while they’re doing something else.

    We will be staying fairly close to Le Bon Marche so I was thinking of going there to do my shopping.

    Would anyone know if it is well stocked and if it’s usually busy (lines to get in etc). I am planning to buy a jumbo in black caviar with gold hardware and have heard not all stores will have this in stock? Is that true? I thought Paris stores would always have decent stock of the classics.

    Would really appreciate any input! Thanks so much.
  2. I’m not a Chanel customer, but often shop at Le Bon Marché. The Chanel boutique, located on the ground level, has recently expanded. On Thursday afternoon there was a line to get in, but that might vary by time of day.
    Enjoy your trip!
  3. Thank you! I think I’ll go early Saturday morning and try my luck
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  4. An alternative might be to contact the boutique a couple days in advance, or ask your hotel concierge to do this for you if your French isn’t up to it, and ask the boutique to hold your item until you can come in. If they don’t have the bag, ask them to order a transfer from another boutique. All the boutiques in Bon Marché are independent of the store, so they can easily transfer from other locations.
    Good luck!
  5. Oh that's a good idea! I wasn't sure they would transfer a bag in just based on a phone call but I suppose there's no harm in trying!
  6. Yes, go for it. All depends on how the problem is presented: you’re in transit for a very short time, have been looking for the bag for ages, etc. Your hotel concierge might be your best advocate. And who knows, they just might have the bag at LBM.
  7. I like the way you think! :smile:
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