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Laminated leather for Chanel?

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  1. The gold is pretty. Mine came with black dustbag.
  2. What a great pic! Love the gold on you, it looks so pretty!

    Never used to be a big fan of patent but I’m really loving mine too! Mine came with the black dust bag as well.
  3. The gold is stunning! Mine came with a black dust bag too
  4. I love this! It definitely comes off more patent in the black than it does in the silver or gold, at least in pictures.
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  5. i totally agree.
  6. I don't dare to try the silver patent as i scare these color is hard to use when dress casually but it look nice on you
  7. I have the small silver. It came with the white dust bag
  8. Hello ladies and gents!

    Reviving the old thread ...

    I am curious how the lighter colored (silver and gold) have held up over time. Can someone who has pieces from this collection in these colors report back on how they have held overtime. It’s interesting because it is not a traditional patent leather.

    I have the black mini from this collection and it has held up really well. It looks brand new after being through rain, snow, sun, and humidity. It is one of the most durable Chanel bags that I have, so really curious if the lighter colors are as hardy as the black one.