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Laminated leather for Chanel?

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  1. Here it is. Haha. I tried to upload these with my other message but I think they didn’t attach.

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  2. @Tykhe I really like your bag! Do you think this would be a good second bag for me? I have a Small chevron caviar boy in black and shiny RHW. So it is similar but a bit different. Also do fingerprints show up on this patent leather?

    Out of all the minis I have seen so far (not that many), but this one caught my eye, but I don't know if its too similar to my first bag :sad:
    Link to my first bag: http://www.louisvuittonbag.net/threads/the-chanel-boy-thread.880937/page-682#post-32186205

  3. I love your chevron boy bag! How’s the quality of the caviar on that bag? I have the same chevron patent leather bag and fingerprints doesn’t show on it at all. Bag is much more beautiful in person.
  4. I also have this same mini in the black metallic patent. I really love it! I find it’s completely different from my quilted caviar rectangular mini flap with SHW even though both are black and the same size/shape. This bag is super edgy in the patent/black hardware combo and really jazzes up plain outfits. I’m normally not a patent fan but the treatment of this bag is different from the regular shiny black patent and I haven’t noticed any fingerprint issues.
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  5. @misstran I feel the quality of my 18s small boy is super good! It's puffy yet stiff/sturdy, and I like the grain size.

    @eckw I know what you mean! I wasn't a fan of patent til I saw this.

    I'm thinking its a little edgier than my small boy, and hopefully since its patent I can take it out more without worrying about it. I like this about a 8.5/10 while I like my boy 10/10, so I'm wondering if its worth to buy it so soon after I purchased my boy.
  6. @mashybuttons I’ve been wearing the patent leather bag almost everyday since I got it. It’s so carefree! I sold my mini lambskin for the patent and have no regrets. As beautiful as the lambskin was, it was fragile. I have enough lambskin bags. I wear the patent leather in rain and snow. I just wipe it down with dry cloth. It’s definitely unique. I love the metallic sheen to the bag. I’m thinking of getting your chevron boy bag. Been eyeing that beauty!
  7. Haha we should do a timeshare! :smile:
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  8. thanks a lot for posting. It looks so pretty :heart:
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  9. :heart::heart::heart::heart: It look so gorgeous!!
  10. 18S is killing me too! There are SO many bags I want from this season! I think your Boy (so gorgeous btw!) and this patent mini would suit different styling purposes. But since your Boy is also chevron, would you prefer a quilted mini instead? Do you have a Chanel nearby where you can play around with the bag and see how you feel?
  11. @mashybuttons I got the bag!! The chevron small boy. OMG no wonder you love it so much. It's absolutely amazing. I can't stop looking at it! It's very different from the mini patent leather chevron so if you're still thinking about getting it, go for it!
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  12. @misstran congratulations!! Hehe good taste ;) super excited to be bah twins!

    @eckw Yeah! I saw the bag in person but my sister disagreed with me:sad:

    I am thinking that I want to add a Mini chevron rectangle (since I really love chevron) but I know I will prolly wait a long time for the hG combo and in future a m/l quilted flap to satisfy the iconic need lol.
  13. I wasn’t sure about this bag/leather in the beginning but it grew on me super fast!
  14. same here :wave:
  15. IMG_4363.gif

    I shorted the strap by a ribbon.

    I love this bag so much

    May I know if you girl’s one came with white or black dustbag ? I saw someone on ig came with white dustbag but my one is black ?

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