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Laminated leather for Chanel?

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  1. IMG-20180405-WA0001.gif IMG-20180406-WA0000.gif hi fellow chanel lovers, I found this stunning rect mini in gold calfskin with ghw. The leather is laminated in a sheet of clear plastic - can you see the surface of the bag? It feels like patent leather to the touch and is waterproof. I try to search for photos on the internet but couldn't find the name for such make and care instructions for the bag. Any input from fellow purseforummers?
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  3. I also have this bag in black. I treat it like patent leather ie keep it in a cool place. I try not to bang it against things in case the so black hardware is prone to chipping.
  4. I have an o Pouch in silver and love it. IMG_3821.gif
  5. Thanks for your info. Finally found a name for it. Haven't seen anything like that before. It looks like a clear sheet of plastic laminated on top - I am worrying of it cracking over time. So its patent.
  6. Beautiful. The gold bag comes with a silver version as well. So far Chanel has been producing caviar or lambskin, this patent metallic crumpled calfskin is a refreshing change. And its waterproof.
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  7. Thank you for this post! I purchased I WOC in a similar material in Paris last week and can't find my exact bag online either. The SA explained it to me as PVC over Calfskin, but I doesn't feel like plastic/pvc to me, so I was confused. I saw online that they were calling similar bags "patent crumpled calfskin" and that made more sense to me, but I'm still totally confused as to what exactly I bought and how to take care of it. It feels and looks like patent leather to me. Thankful for this thread to see I'm not the only one.

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  8. I love that it’s waterproof and yes, it is refreshing to see a different style.
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  9. I was told to treat it like patent leather. My piece is silver. Yikes!
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  10. I just boughT the same mini in gold colour. So pretty. I would just treat it like patent leather.
  11. Can you post more picture of the bag? how it look on you? I am trying to decide whether or not to ask my hubby to get it during his business trip without having the chance to try it on. And i tried to search on the forum and instagram only picture of the bag no mod shot at all. Thanks a lot
  12. I am trying to decide whether to get silver or black. Will you please provide mod shot with it. Thanks a lot!
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  13. Sure! I have been carrying it nonstop. I love it so much!!!
  14. TIA!!! can't wait for your upload of those pictures :heart:
  15. I just took a few shots. Hope this helps.


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