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Keepall 45 or 55? Macassar or classic?

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  1. Please help me choose a keepall! This will be my first keepall and I plan on using it for over night and weekend trips. I would also like to be able to fit my husbands things so we can just use one bag. If going on a plane I would just use luggage with wheels and my neverfull. Which size do you think for this purpose? Also, can’t decide between macassar and classic vachetta. The macassar is so chic and I wear a lot of black but the classic is a classic! I also worry the macassar May look too dark and blend in and not be able to tell that it’s a Louis? Thank you!!!
  2. I have the Macassar 45 and it’s perfect. It doesn’t get super heavy like the 55, and yet it’s roomy enough to pack for a weekend.

    The black leather trim and silver hardware make it worry-free! I have owned mine for several years and it still looks new.
  3. I can say the very same.
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  4. I posted this on the Keepall thread - but what about the mono with Coquelicot? It's a size 50 so it splits the difference with the 45 and 50 and the red trip really pops!
  5. 45 or 55 is personal preference. Just keep in mind when at capacity, the 55 will be much heavier. As far as print, Macassar all the way. Also, Macassar Keepalls are all made in France. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, odds are a classic mono will be made in the U.S.
  6. 45 Mac all the way!

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  7. 55 Macassar, I have 55 Mono but Macassar is the best.
  8. I have the 45 classic b, and the 50 with coquilicot red handles/strap. Love them both! I use the 45 for when I don’t have too much and also for the gym. I agree with @Moo that the size 50 would really be perfect for how you’re wanting to use it! I’d say do a 50!