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Japanese Coach ring - warning

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  1. Japan has strong laws against the sale of counterfeit items and generally, Japanese sellers have had a reputation for being honest. However there have been cases where Korean fake (Coach) bags were listed and relisted by more than one Japanese sellers.

    But a couple of weeks ago, I came across a newish Japanese seller with multiple Disney/Coach listings in highly and well-faked styles.

    But based on the pictures in the listings, it's impossible to authenticate the items though the props shown are absolutely and unquestionably fake.

    Today, I found another seller with similar listings/pictures and identical fake props.
    May 29: http://www.louisvuittonbag.net/threads/authenticate-this-coach-see-first-post-for-format.889527/page-2508#post-33137887

    Follow up post June 12: http://www.louisvuittonbag.net/threads/authenticate-this-coach-see-first-post-for-format.889527/page-2533#post-33162455

    After posting my followup, I found more sellers, all low feedback new sellers and all selling highly faked items.

    While I don't want to paint an entire country's sellers with a broad brush, I do want to warn buyers.

    Seller 1: japan-shop-amorey (141) -

    Seller 2: katoshouten (314) -

    Seller 3: fusara82 (22 ) -

    Seller 4: kyoto-jky74 (87 )

    Seller 5: white-watch (17)

    Seller 6: aj.n43japanshop (260)
    No current listings of Coach but this listing was ended early by the seller:

    Seller 7: bushido*omotenashi*bakuhu (2067

    This seller has slightly different m.o. but without a history, use caution.
    goldies300 (0 )

    It's like whack-a-mole! Every seller's listing that comes up, there are others right there with it!
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  2. Examples of pictures with fake props:
    Japan seller katoshouten fake props.gif Japan seller japan-shop-amorey fake props.gif Japan seller fusara82 fake props.gif Japan seller kyoto-jky74 fake props.gif
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  3. This is really huge!

    Here's more proof that any buyers need to vet their sellers.

    This is from a listing from Japanese seller wing-sakura and a comparison to an authentic item from another seller.

    They're using the same receipt (photocopied? duplicated?) among multiple sellers.

    Notice that the description isn't correct for the style of item and the UPC code is wrong for the style. "Retail" price is wrong too.
    Photos 1 and 2 are from (just) 2 of the Japanese sellers. Photo #3 is a picture of a genuine tags for the AUTHENTIC version (from 2 different listings).

    wing-sakura japan seller fake coach 31350 receipt-tag.png katoshouten Japan fake coach 31350 receipt-tag.png

    authentic coach 31350 tags.png
  4. I live in Japan and am nervous about buying Coach even from Japanese sellers on Amazon. (I bought two bags from a reputable second-hand store though, one in person and the other through their website.) Some of the photos look fishy (a lot of sellers use the same), but a lot of them claim to be members of some anti-pirating association.

    In any case, comparing Coach prices to the ones in the US (I just looked at the US online outlet), Coach seems to cost more than twice here in Japan, so I don't think real Japanese sellers could complete with the prices US sellers can offer on ebay.
  5. I'm updating and bumping this thread because it seems that the ring is growing, more sellers are listing and the items are still showing the same fake details.

    The sellers are either using multiple IDs or they're sharing pictures. They're cleverly blurring or photoshopping their pictures enough to fool and making it difficult to read tags, receipts, creeds and to see details on the appliqued items.

    Ebay is removing some listings when they get reports but other sellers seem to get a free pass. :confused1:

    I don't recommend buying ANY Disney or NASA collaboration items from ANY Japanese seller. In fact, ALL should be authenticated no matter the seller or location.

    Here are some samples pictures and seller IDs.
    selected_store_tokyo sold fake coach nasa wallet 2.png

    mimi_kohno sold fake coach nasa wallet.png

    hahira-0 fake NASA Coach wallet 1.png

    japan_superstore fake NASA coach wallet 1.png


    japan-shop-amorey (141) -
    katoshouten (314) -
    fusara82 (22 ) -
    kyoto-jky74 (87 )
    white-watch (17)
    aj.n43japanshop (260)
    bushido*omotenashi*bakuhu (2067
  6. BTW, there probably ARE more sellers and will be more!
  7. That James Valas sure gets around, doesn't he?
  8. Yes, he and another "buyer" with the last name "Dan" (or something similar).