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Is Vestiaire Collective a safe place to buy Chloe?

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  1. Have you had any experience with it? Good or bad? They say they have a big authentication team ... would you say it is safe to buy there with confidence?

    Has anyone sold with them? Do they ask you for info/proof of purchase etc?

  2. I am wondering the same thing...
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    hello, i think you have to be careful as i have read on this forum (different theads/ designers) that there were fakes being sold and their refund policy is strict generally unless paypal is used. I read a review by someone being sold a fake tiffany watch, and some others who bought fake chanel and hermes.

    i know that on VC there is a general problem with givenchy antigona´s from Italy where you have some sellers selling fakes (often multiple antigonaçs by the same seller). They still have 90% and 100% ratings even though the comments from buyers indicate that they have gotten scammed - 2 users in particular (I feel uncomfortable naming them but you can look for them under antigona´s) who had negative experiences and are asking VC to be more watchful in helping prevent the sale of fakes - they actually say that VC is sometimes also deleting their comments. You can see the majority of the comments by filtering antigona´s. The bags of Italian and Cypriot origin all have the same code, and the seller is selling multiple bags which were all gifts.

    I would first look at seller rating and would not buy if it is under 100% personally. Having said this, the sellers of fake also have 100% currently too (the sellers these 2 women flagged). I would ask for codes and ask detailed questions and for the authenticity cards and probably beware of sellers selling multiple versions of the same bag which they had received as "gifts".

    Given how expensive these bags/ investment pieces are I think as buyers we have a right, especially if vc has a strict no refund policy (unless paypal is used). I would probably beware of an unresponsive seller or someone who does not provide the needed info.

    Sorry for the long rant, but these stories scared me off buying bags from vc.

    Now having said that, i have sold with them - articles in very good condition/ original tags attached. That was easy and the payment is per their payment schedule two times a month. I did not have the receipts any more for my items unfortunately.

    So in the end, I would probably buy but assume the role of doing the due diligence myself
  4. you can be lucky but so many things can go wrong on VC (fake,not as described, non compliant) and their team is barely qualified (they still send you fakes) and customer service is horrible. as long as seller is honest you may get lucky. but if you receive a "not as described" item, nightmare begins. If item arrives from Europe you will have to pay duties on top of the price, when you return it (even if it's fake, damaged, not as described) it's almost impossible to get refund for duties.
    My personal experience was not that great, I bought three bags alright, fourth deal went wrong - bag with scratches described "like new". I returned it to VC and their team still insisted it's "like new" and suggested me to relist it instead of issuing refund, I had to file claim with PayPal who sided with me and I got money back (but not duties). there's a tread going on here about VC http://www.louisvuittonbag.net/general-shopping/vestiaire-collective-experiences-771028-84.html#post30146038
    general advise, look at the seller's reputation (items sold, comments), ask as many Qs as possible in comments section and pay with PayPal.
  5. Thank you for your advices, I am in France so duties are not an issue but I'm afraid of getting a fake and not realizing it... I really dream of a marcie bag but can't afford the full pricetag so VC seemed like a good option... Are there any other websites that have more qualified staff ?
  6. If makes things easier if you don't have to deal with international returns. you can try to authenticate the bag on the Purse forum before purchasing it.
    there's another European marketplace for designer goods http://www.vaunte.com. the same items are often listed both on VC and Vaunte.
  7. Noooo. Don't buy anything there..... They don't offer retina and their quality control is awful... You might think you're getting a nice piece but it might be banged up, missing threads and leather wear and they won't give you your money back. I'm having a case with them now...
    Trust trustpilot on this one!
  8. Thank you, I will try to get it authenticated beforehand :smile: is there a specific thread for chloé authentification I didn't see one in the "sticky notes"
  9. Farfetch gives 10% discount - the thing is it will still be expensive on VC but there will always be a nagging doubt spoiling the experience and in the worst case, worse....i´d almost pulled the plunger on a drew bag off on ebay when the nice lady in the chloe authentication pointed out it was a fake and what made it fake. i saw the same/ similar fake bag (with same features) on VC listed for more (probably due to high commission). It then got sold!
    i had a similar bad experience on the faye bag and i think i am now shy of these types of platforms as for me it is too big a risk after months of saving.
    From then on, i have decided for myself to save for a little bit longer and then use the 10% code on FF as these bags are so expensive regardless and saving a few 100euros for a little longer would at least give me peace of mind.
  10. there is a Authentication thread here in shopping section, but it hasn't been very active recently. you will need additional photos and closeups for that.
    but there's always a chance that pictures are stolen. VC charges high commission (30%), so if I come across a very good deal for the bag in great condition I'll be very suspicions - why would seller offer it for 60-70% off?
    I personally stick with retailers unless I need something super unique (e.g. Nina Ricci Liane bag in Raisin color). Net-a-porter has great semi-annual sales, you can score 40-50% off the price for new merchandise, Farfetch and Matchesfashion also do it.
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  11. PS I was just browsing RealReal, it's US consignment store and I saw several Marcies there. They do ship internationally and they offer 20% off now with code REFRESH
  12. Thank you so much for your time and answers I know you're right I know I know I will be reasonable :smile: hopefully a Marcie will be discounted during the sales ! There was one on a French site that sells Chloe but the 20% excluded Chloe :sad: I checked realreal it seems like a great site unfortunately they ship with Dhl and that usually means crazy custom fees. Thank you for being the voice of reason !
  13. I have not been impressed with their service in general. I messaged a seller about a pair of Louboutins that were posted in August 2015. I have been looking for this pair forever as they are discontinued. The seller never responded so I emailed VC. They said go ahead and purchase as everything on their site is available if it's posted. I had a bad feeling about it so I didn't and I'm glad I didn't because the seller finally emailed me telling me she sold them ON the site around the same time she posted them! VC never took them down. I don't think I'd purchase from there ever simply based off this experience alone.
  14. I have bought and sold through Real Real and have had good luck with them. I had everything authenticated prior to purchase. items sell quickly if it's a common size or highly sought after item so I check their site multiple times a day if I'm interested in something. The only negative is they have a kind of slow payment policy for sellers so if you are looking for quick cash I wouldn't sell there.
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