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Is this bag still as cool as I think it is??

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  1. What do you guys think? I'm Loving it but I don't want to regret purchasing it in a couple of months??



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  2. Personally, I don't care for the style of this bag. I think I read that it is very popular and in high demand though. Just not for me.
  3. I like the idea of this bag, but the hard black plastic handle is going to get scratched up from normal use and look beat up after a while. I think that handle will age before the bag does. If that plastic handle was not shiny I'd like it better. But buy what you like. Don't talk yourself into it. And don't let us talk you out of it! : )
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  4. Not for me
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  5. It is neat looking and all but not sure how functional it would be in the long run .. But you do what you want and if it doesn't make your heart sing then I would think twice . Good luck
  6. Not sure about its style. Not for me!
  7. I think it look nice on photos and stylish. But it's seasonal. For me I guess we'll get over it after a while. Classics are more ever lasting imo
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  8. Not my style.
  9. I love this bag. What is it called? I have seen it a few times in mod shots on the internet.

    I agree with DD101 about the plastic aging before the rest of the bag though. I think if you can easily afford it and it makes you excited- get it and enjoy it.

    If it was a bag that you have to save up for a long time for, I would probably go with something different.
  10. It's called the CC Delivery :smile: it's very "now" and I really do love it but, like the rest of you, I'm a bit worried that it's too trendy. Although it really is stunning in person (pictures do not do it justice). I hated this style when I first saw it about a year ago! Surprised they brought it back this season. It's extremely priced - at $4700!! I think if it were around the $3000 mark I would be more inclined to make a hasty purchase!!
  11. I have seen it in person and thought the Chanel in white makes it trendy-reminds me of a Chanel shopping bag. I also am reminded on the black Cambon w white letters.....and now that looks so dated. I agree with what the others have said about the handles.
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  12. I personally love the bag and if the price tag is no problem then go for it!
    I also agree if it's something you have to save up for a long time then you're better off with something more classic.
  13. I think it will look dated in few years
  14. It's not for me. If you absolutely love it and will get good use out of it for years, then you should consider it.
  15. I was also interested in this bag and had the exact same thoughts as you, but if you love it then you should go for it!