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Is it really worth it?

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  1. Sorry if this has been discussed before, i know there’s a discussion about quality but not everything i want to ask.

    I’m a big fan of designer handbags/accessories as all the ladies are on here but do you think Chanel is really worth the price they charge? It goes up every year but the quality is getting worse. I don’t know if i will pay the price anymore. Not only brand new handbags but preloved sell for thousands. I saw a Chanel bag on eBay a few years ago that looked like a truck had driven over it, i’m not even exaggerating it was appalling and there was a bidding war over it. I will never forget that.
    I have a few Lanvin handbags, they’re beautiful and have more to them than most of the Chanel bags yet it’s Chanel that people will still pay thousands for over Lanvin. I don’t understand why to be honest. Is it just the name? because it definitely isn’t for the quality. I’m in no way supporting copies/counterfeit or whatever you like to call it but i’ve seen some really good copies and i mean they’re identical. You can’t tell the difference and like i’ve said it’s not like the ones we purchase at the Chanel store are of better quality. Years ago they used to be ok but now i just don’t think it’s worth the money anymore!
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  2. "Worth it" is up to the individual. If YOU don't think it's worth it, don't buy and move along.
  3. Christ almighty have a snickers!
  4. I was thinking similarly @lallybelle
    An item is only worth the price we're willing to pay for it.

    I've been buying since 2005 and I haven't had one quality issue, I've seen no decrease in quality personally. I do buy much less since having acquired a small-ish collection of basics and these price increases however.

    I'm liking Goyard right now and I somehow justify paying those prices as well lol
    I see quality complaints in here, LV, Hermes, Goyard, etc. . .
  5. I‘ve not had major quality issues over the years (smaller ones, yes) but personally just don’t feel the prices are justified anymore. Yes, it is still special to buy and own a piece of Chanel, so the logic consequence to me was buying less (in my case to the point that I sold most of my collection, but that had diverse reasons). Only you can answer that question for yourself, but I often leave the boutique empty-handed these days as what I see does not fulfill my expectations of a hand-made luxury bag. For the current prices I would actually expect a handstitched piece and superb customer service. Still, I keep coming back to Chanel as it has a special allure. Though I keep my eyes on the preloved market and will happily snatch up the few pieces that I want to add (back) to my collection. Good luck deciding!
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  6. I think you're answering you own questions here. It's OK not to buy into the Chanel hype. I cannot say if its worth it for you. As mass production, any (insert designer bag) will not have the same quality, than the old days. When Chanel was selling gold plated turn locks with high quality leathers, I was not into luxury, nor could I afford at that time.

    I purchased a Chanel WOC recently. The leather was a bit on the duller side, but I could have waited for something else. I am happy with my WOC and have polishing/leather conditioner to keep the skin looking decent.
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  7. Don’t get me wrong it’s not just Chanel that have problems. No brands perfect and i still love my Chanel handbags, i just wonder why Chanel don’t lose value but others do. I’m in love with the ones i do own and if i saw something spectacular then i’d still but it. People think i’m crazy for spending that amount lol
    I’ve seen a lot of preloved handbags i’d like to purchase because i prefer the older styles/seasonal but didn’t get every single one at the time. I just don’t want to be buying one that’s in terrible condition. I have babied my handbags, i wish i wasn’t so OCD!
    I’ve always been too scared to put anything on my bag in case it makes it worse. I’ve babied my bags but trying to just enjoy them more now rather than stress about damaging them!
  8. I hollered! Lmbo!!!
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  9. I can appreciate the OP’s comments.

    Some current Chanel’s I think are “worth it” but not so much others. For example, I’m constantly checking resell sites for single flap jumbos.....I don’t think the current jumbos are worth the price.
  10. :biggrin:
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  11. I agree, there are some that i think are worth it. In my opinion as much as i adore my Patent Maxi i don’t think it’s worth the amount i paid but saying that i don’t regret it either lol. I was told Chanel don’t go by names they have a code so have no idea what this one is but i bought it about 8 years ago and it’s 100% worth it!

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  12. Love chanel but every single bag I purchase I had to exchange or found a flaw. I don't examine my bag with a microscope but Chanel's quality is not as good anymore! With my Delvaux bags, each one was amazing quality and craftsmanship! I never asked my SA for detailed photos when I purchased them. I was confident I was going to get a good quality bag. With Chanel I asked for photos and when I get it, I found defects and have to exchange. It's getting annoying now. Sick and tired of having to check to make sure I don't get a defective bag.

    Oh yeah, with the Pandemic going on, I really can't afford to spend $6000+ on an OK quality bag!
  13. A Snickers is always a good idea.
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  14. Exactly for the price Chanel charge, everything should be perfect when purchased new!