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International Delivery from RM

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  1. Hi girls, I was wondering what is your experience with ordering from the RM website to Europe.

    I've ordered 2 bags for my upcoming trip almost a month ago, and I STILL haven't got the package. SO frustrating, especially since my trip is in a few days and I'm pretty sure it won't come until then...

    I was really excited, but I'll def not be ordering anything from them anymore :nogood:

    Did anyone had a similar experience?
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    i am sorry that your order has not yet arrived.
    have you checked if your order has been processed and shipped? if it has shipped, when was it? it takes about 10-14 business days to arrive after it's shipped. and it takes longer if it gets stuck at the customs for clearance. that's my experience and i'm located in Asia. hope this helps. and hope your order arrives soon. i recommend you contact RM as early as possible if there is any issue that worries you.
    have a great weekend.
  3. Thank you Kasey! :smile: The order is in my country for some days now..but for some reason it hasn't arrived to me yet.

    I guess I won't be able to take my bags to my city trip! :sad:
  4. I've personally never ordered from RM website but 1 month is a long time! Sounds like it's stuck is customs or something. I did however order a RM bag from Shopbop once, I'm located in Europe too. I don't think it took longer than a week for the bag to arrive. So maybe consider shopbop the next time you purchase something from RM?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion! I actually found out we have a RM store here as well :nuts: I'm a little afraid to order from the US now tbh.

    Hopefully this will end okay! :smile:
  6. Hey there! Did you ever receive your orders from RM.com? I just ordered from there.
  7. Hey :smile: Yes, I did - the bags were stuck in customs apparently. :smile:
  8. Oh I see! They didn't deliver the package to your door?
  9. Yes, they did. :smile: It took almost a month to receive it though.. Hopefully yours will arrive earlier :smile: