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Identify this Dior

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone knows the name of this bag?:

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  2. This looks like it belongs the the Lady Dior line, which extended beyond just the iconic Lady Dior style that we see today.
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  3. Would you happen to know if this bag is vintage? and if so what year it belonged to?
  4. I think this is from around 1998-1999.
  5. I found this in my closet, anyone remember the name of this bag?

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  6. I came across this lovely bag on the retail market and I’d never seen something like this from Dior before, does anyone know what it’s called? (and what season it’s from would be amazing too. I’d really like to do some research!) 4B2F1125-197E-48EA-9339-EB687CAC8F4B.jpeg
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  8. This is the Dior Malice bag. It's from around 1999 to 2001 I believe.
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  9. Do any of you have this bag?Have any of you heard of this bag? I searched this bag on the Internet and I only saw like one link and so I was wondering if it was real, or if it's rare, or if it's a disliked bag
    What's the name of this bag? Please share other pictures of this bag, thanks in advance!
    p.s. don't know if this is the right section to post this

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  10. I think this is the Dior Logomania bag.
  11. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me what this bag is called? I've seen it on various sales sites under a few different names so I am a bit confused. Also, is there any way to tell what year it's from? Or even a ballpark? fullsizeoutput_100a.jpeg thumbnail.jpeg
  12. I raided my old closet and unearthed this vintage beauty. I found a meal ticket for an event dated Nov 1995. I may be wrong but I remember using this way back in 1989. I need to search for older pictures. I'm so glad to find this again and of course began using this lovely right away! IMG_2239.jpeg IMG_2240.jpeg IMG_2241.jpeg IMG_2243.jpeg IMG_2244.jpeg IMG_2245.jpeg
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  13. Hi ladies and gents, this isn’t an identify question as such but I couldn’t find a more appropriate thread. I purchased my Diorama just over a year ago in London but I’ve always wondered if there was a way to tell when and where it was made? I just couldn’t get a good enough view of the tag inside the pocket. I used it today and whilst emptying it I felt the tag pulled and doh! the lining pulls out... of course it does, I’m such an idiot! I still can’t find a made in tag but any clues from this pic would be much appreciated! If there is a made in stamp lurking somewhere else please let me know. It’s not a biggy, but it would be nice to know. I know where all my other bags were made (or the nice ones anyway!).
  14. The "Made in Italy" stamp should be centered right below the zipper inside the bag (please see the picture below).
  15. Ah I’ll have another look. Thank you!
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