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I think I’m ready for my first Chanel

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  1. Hi guys, I’ve never given much thought to Chanel because I don’t care for many of their styles but I think I’ve found something I like... the mini flap. The problem is I don’t know if I like the rectangle or the square. No Chanel near me so I can’t go in and view and try on. My next problem is getting ahold of the leather caviar. Lamb skin would be a disaster for me. I’m not interested in buying second hand and would prefer the black caviar with silver or matte hardware. How hard is that to find? And how do I find and build a relationship with a SA?
  2. Hey hun, you will have to get lambskin if you want new. They no longer produce mini caviars and you will have to go the pre-loved route. Another option is the small or medium classic flap...
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  3. So you don’t think caviar will be released in their next collection and I will just have to wait until then?
  4. I wasn’t aware they didn’t produce caviar anymore. Is this just in the mini?
  5. Hi,

    I wanted the caviar mini square and was told that they have discontinued to produce the mini in caviar since a few years back. So I think its only mini they dont do in caviar now. The SA haven’t heard anything about caviar mini coming back in later collections
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  6. That sucks! I wonder why. Why so little options in this bag?
  7. I wanted a mini in caviar as my first Chanel too. I visited a few boutiques and did my research here so I can also confirm that the caviar mini is nowhere to be seen. I didn't want to wait anymore as Chanel is constantly increasing their prices, so I went for a rectangular mini in lamb.

    There's a caviar “mini” in the current collection with matte hardware. I haven't seen it in person but I think its size is similar to the square mini. But it's not the “classic” mini so it doesn't have a twist-lock or back pocket.
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  8. Where can I find it to view?
  9. Just a screenshot from Instagram. There’s also a pink and black available I think. It’s from the Spring summer 2020 9C773D7A-89F4-428F-87C2-CFD7E7D41DB1.jpeg
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  10. Thank you for posting the pics. I think I was a simple black with either light gold hardware, or silver now. I really don’t know what I want lol.
  11. That’s a shame. I hate when they discontinue something before i’ve managed to get my hands on it.
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  12. For me, I love the silver as I think it looks a bit more casual and modern.
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  13. I’be never seen it in person so I picture the light gold more understated than an in your face gold. Is there a brighter gold option?
  14. The light gold is super shiny, hey look at me, but people love it because it reads silver in some light. I like it with colorful bags, since it tones down the shiny. I think you have to figure out what looks best against your coloring and wardrobe... gold looks better on me, but a deeper darker antique gold. Silver washes me out.

    I also prefer lambskin.

    Each bag is individual and you have to try them on to find “the one.”

    best advice is buy the one that you will use. No sense in having nice bags if they just sit in your closet because you are hesitant to use it.
  15. There are no Chanel boutiques, Saks, Neimans or any of that near me so I would have to take a chance with my purchase. I’ve also been told that the last couple of seasons only LGH have been released with the minis and I’m now thinking silver.