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How much should I pay for a used Gucci Soho Disco Bag?

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  1. I've been looking for this bag (used) forever. I was debating on whether I should just eat the cost of buying a new one - until I saw one posted on the marketplace today. Her listed price is 1325 which is high considering it's $1650 new after taxes. There was another one listed last month for 1100 which seemed fair. She's willing to negotiate. Ideally, I'd like to spend $1000. What's a fair offer? How much would you pay? Thanks in advance.

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  2. I’m assuming this is not in US dollars, right?
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  3. Sorry, it's Canadian. I should have specified.
  4. Offer 20% less, so maybe $1050 or so, then see what she comes back with. If you have to pay any more than that, personally I’d just buy a new one.
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  5. Actually for that kind of money, unless you're in dire straights right now (and in which case perhaps don't buy a bag) I'd just wait and buy a new one when this awful situation is over as the year's guarantee will only apply to the initial buyer. Not worth it IMO.
  6. I would buy new and the reason is that this particular bag is highly counterfeited. I wouldn’t want to take the risk of buying a fake.
  7. I wouldn't buy pre-loved unless there was a significant saving (and I'm talking 40%), or the style is no longer made, which means I can't buy it new.

    I'd save the extra and buy from the store once it re-opens. Then, if you have any problems you are always covered by Gucci's customer care. Plus, you're then buying the piece of mind of an authentic bag, like @fabuleux said above.
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  8. That is interesting. I guess I never thought of anyone trying to counterfeit this bag but I guess people try to replicate all bags if it’s popular. Now I’m curious as to what a counterfeit soho looks like.
  9. I agree with those that said try to buy new if you can. I have nothing again buying pre-loved but I don’t do it out of fear of buying a fake. I like to have a peaceful mind about my bags. I also like to be the only owner but if you are sure it’s authentic do what @Diamondbirdie said. Make sure you get it authenticated too. What is their return policy?
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  10. Hi, I have the Soho disco and you won't regret getting this because it's so roomy and this design is a classic. But preloved ones in my country are going as low as S$600-$800 so $1k Canadian is still kinda steep. I'd suggest to go get one from the store unless you can get a better discount! Good luck
  11. Yeah, I've been hearing that a lot. That's a big reason why I wanted to buy new, from a reputable luxury consignment store or at least from someone locally (ie. not on eBay.) On her listing, she's offering third party authentication confirmation and a copy of the receipt by email. Does that make it any better or should I still just stick with paying the 1670 for new?
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  12. I think it’s worth buying directly from Gucci @ that price. I purchased both a black and a rose beige a few years back in the UK, prior to the major price increase that happened plus got a VAT refund. I’m also located in Canada and have been thinking about purchasing it in red too, even though the price is significantly more. It’s a great bag, I probably use my black one 50% of the time I’m using a crossbody and have even tossed it into a larger tote for any quick errands or post-work plans.
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