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How do some people...

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  1. How do some people manage to get irregularly placed hot stamps? I know they should typically only be placed on SLG's but I saw some really cute pictures on Instagram of hot stamps placed on the handle base of the Neverfull. I'd love to get my initial stamped on one of my handles! Has anyone here ever done it? I know it has a tendency to not come out perfectly straight, but it wouldn't bother me. In fact, I love the uniqueness of different hot stamp placements! :love: What do you guys think about them? Would I just try my luck and ask a SA to go for it? Are they even allowed anymore? Thanks! ;)
  2. Wait, what? Do you mean this? If so, this is the standard place where they stamp neverfulls. Every single store offers this.
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  3. Honest? What if it turns out both tilted and off center? Hot stamping is not LV's forte, so you run a risk.
  4. A coworker got a neverfull hotstamped like that. I did not notice if they lined it up with the edge of the bag or what - all I noticed was it looked cute on her bag. Unless it’s your bag & you’re scrutinizing it - I don’t think the rest of us notice placement to be honest... Unless it was REALLY bad I’d never give it a 2nd look.
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  5. Honestly, I'm 100% certain
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  6. WHAT?? Really!! My store refused it...that's where they told me they will only stamp small leather goods. I'm so jelly!
  7. Totally agree with you!! I know we pay $$$ for these bags, but even if a stitching or zipper isn't completely straight, I'm not too bothered. I have a PSM and I know for certain the monogram doesn't line up perfectly, and that doesn't phase me at all. It kinda makes it cute and unique to me. Like one of a kind, idk. Just a personal preference :smile: I totally understand wanting the bag or hot stamp to be perfect though, to each their own!
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  8. Wow I’m shocked! Maybe your store had too many clients complain about “bad” ones, bc like you mentioned lining the stamp on the neverfull is not easy. But they won’t stamp any bags in general?? If this is something you really want I would reach out to client services and let them know about what’s going on so they can partner with your store!
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  9. In general, it’s simply up to the SA to say yes or no to hot stamping a bag. Ask someone else.
  10. 825CC828-2AD9-4229-BD74-86166020D929.jpeg Got stamped at the LV store at king of Prussia mall, I asked my SA, he said they would be happy too hot stamp it
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  11. Anyone else find this to not be 100% straight?
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  12. It's really up to the discretion of the SA; some are more comfortable with hot stamping than others, especially on larger items such as bags, whereas others simply won't do it either because it's not their forte and/or they don't want to run the risk of the customer not being happy regardless of how it turns out. If you want a bag to be stamped, then try building a relationship with a SA and let them get a feel for how you are as a customer; if you're laid back and have reasonable expectations about the final product, then there's a chance that they may be willing to do it for you.
  13. I have a feeling you're right. I went back yesterday to get a hot stamp on my Victorine wallet instead. It's not brand new, but in pretty good condition or so I thought. They were a bit hesitant to do it until I explained to them that I'm really not picky over placement and alignment. Seems as if they had a lot of complaints and are trying to be extremely careful!
  14. It probably isn't but I love it anyway! Makes the bag more personal to me