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How do I know if I'm getting ripped-off?

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  1. I finally made the decision to go for a single-flap jumbo in black caviar with gold hardware. I'm aware these are no longer made and will have to go pre-owned, which may be just as well as I tried the double flap last week in the store and it was about $6200. I intend to buy somewhere with a track record versus a random ebay seller, but I may stay away from ridiculously-priced fashionphile. Can anyone give me an approximate/expected amount to pay for a bag in very good condition? I've seen anywhere from $3000 - $6000 and just don't know what's reasonable and customary.
  2. I too have been looking for a single flap jumbo in black caviar GHW, exact same combination as you. For about $3000, the ones I've seen are not in perfect condition but wearable-- some warping, wear to hardware. Lambskin and silver hardware seems to be slightly cheaper. The ones I'm seriously looking at are more around $4000 - $4500, for this price, they seem to be in great condition with minimal wear, corners intact, no warping. I would not pay more than $4500 for a single flap jumbo in this condition. Anything more than $5000 for a single flap jumbo is ridiculous to me, unless it's brand new and comes full set in box.
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  3. I think that $3500-$4000 could be reasonable for a single flap jumbo in very good to excellent condition. The matter of whether or not you're getting ripped off isn't so easy to answer. If it's authentic and worth it to you, then you're not getting ripped off. To some people, anyone who even buys a Chanel bag is getting "ripped off."
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  4. Single flaps were discontinued a long time ago IIRC, I have seen some excellent condition ones go for just under $4k usd from resellers.
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