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  1. The burgundy is really pretty too from the pictures ive seen online, the grey is a light grey so i do worry about colour transfer :sad: if you are planning to use the bag more often i would go for burgundy and wait for another season for grey in caviar leather as this seasons grey flap is only in lambskin
  2. How does this season’s lambskin feel? Does it feel sturdy? Or does it feel as if you need to really baby it?
    I love that grey but just not sure purely because of the fact that it’s lambskin. I own just one lamb skin bag- small cf in chevron- and I hardly ever use it as I am too scared. I would really appreciate your input! Thank you in advance! ^_^
  3. I have picked 19B pink in caviar leather medium CF from Lee Garden. Love it but have to say though, it was a very difficult decision between this colour and the 19B beige which is also really gorgeous!

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  4. This seasonal coloured lambskin in my opinion is alot harder than previous lambskins,i have a mini CF lambskin from 2015 i believe and it is alot softer and fragile. This grey lambskin CF seems to be more durable and not as delicate in my opinion. I also have the so black chevron in lambskin and i just compared them the So black is alot more softer. Hope that helps :smile:
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  5. Thank you so much! That is very helpful to know. I haven’t seen any lambskin from this season. Last time I went to the boutique, I was just looking at caviar cf. I better go and check out the lambskin bags.
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  6. Thanks for your advice Dimmsumm!! i finally found the grey classic flap and i ended up getting a medium as well!! It's such a beautiful shade!

    The SA told me that burgundy carviar classic flap is not in yet (and of course said she doesn't know if HK ordered it)......i really want to see that in person!! :coolio:

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  7. Yes medium size you can try the elements chanel as they seem to have more stock in the back :smile:
  8. I’m in search for an old medium chevron boy in smooth calfskin and gold or light gold hardware. Has anyone seen one in Hong Kong lately? Also - how much does it cost in Hong Kong? I’m from Hong Kong but currently lives in the US and it seems like Chanel boys are so much cheaper back in Hong Kong based on some quick online comparison on their official site!
  9. Hi!, I was offered a pre loved 2.55 , the girl who offers me the bag shows me her invoice but I am not sure if thats how they look in HK, I had only seen smaller ticket looking invoices. Can someone help? thanks! invoice.gif
  10. I don’t have a receipt from the Canton Rd boutique but just looked at one of my receipts from Pacific Place and it looks very different. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that the receipt the seller showed you is fake. It looks different because it’s from 2011 vs mine is from 2019... I have receipts from 2018 as well (need to find them though) but I’m sure they look similar to my 2019 receipt.
    Unless someone on here has a receipt from the same year, it will be hard to tell if Chanel in HK has or hasn’t changed the layout of their receipts over the years...
    But HK Chanel receipt are printed on this kind of paper size (not on a long/thin receipt that comes out of a cash register).
  11. Hi, l can see the handbag number, which is 15033343 shown on the receipt. When people buy Chanel bag in Hong Kong, a certificate card is provided to us and the certificate card number should be matched with the item number that shown the rental he receipt. Therefore, you may ask for certificate card of the bag, check the number, see whether it can be matched with the details on the receipt that she provided. This is one kind of methods that l can think of for you.
  12. l did not check the price but the price on official site is the actual selling price. It only depends on whether there is bag on shop for sale. Sometimes, they may not have stock in HK.
  13. If that was a fake receipt, it wouldn’t be hard to print the serial number on that receipt to match the actual bag... just sayin’...
    @sofia199103 better to get the bag authenticated via the Authentication thread or via paid authentication. Buying a Chanel bag and solely basing its authenticity on the receipt is not the best way to purchase such an expensive item.
  14. Hi anyone know how much chanel 19 small?