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Help! New Favorite MM has puckering

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  1. Can someone please help me! I just received my Favorite MM via mail. But the canvas on the flap seems to be puckering.... I was looking at other pictures of Favorite MM and I don't see it being this bad. The puckering doesn't disappear even when I stuff the bag. Am I being overly picky? Is this normal? This is my first LV canvas bag and I know this is going to bother me.

    Here are my pictures...
    View attachment 4493900 View attachment 4493901
  2. I'm not sure if my images are visible so here they are again.
    image1.jpeg image2.jpeg
  3. I would think that's just from shipment
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  4. I don't have the Favorite but it looks a little abnormal to me. I steer clear of this bag because of the known creasing problems. Check out the Favorite clubhouse. I noticed a few other members posted pictures about this too...I would contact CS if you are unhappy with it also. GL.
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  5. Even if this was normal, I wouldn’t accept it. It doesn’t look good, I’m sorry. I would return this bag and get something else to be honest.
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  6. I had that bag and it had that puckering and never went away. I know it would not bother some, but it bothered me so I sold it. It has to do with the stitching so if it bothers you, return it.
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  7. I have the DA and mine has that same creasing - when the bag is full it’s not as noticeable. I kept mine it does not bother me :smile: because I needed a DA clutch/small crossbody.
    If it bothers you return it but I’m pretty sure most will have that same crease :/
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  8. Thank you for all of your feedbacks! I have decided to return the bag... if the puckering happened after a few months of use, I think I may have been ok with it. But I can’t get over the fact the bag had it from the very beginning. It doesn’t feel like I got a brand new bag..... So sad because I was so looking forward to getting it...
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  9. Can you tell me how you were able to get your hands on this bag? It's sold out on the LV site, and I'm looking for tips on how to get it. Did you stalk the LV site (CONSTANTLY refreshing it) until one popped up to 'place in cart', or did you end up buying preloved at a much higher price than the $1,020 it's listed at on LV?
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  10. You could join the stalking threads, members post there if some of the hard to find items pop up. (Mostly for US and Canada)
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    Join Stalking thread and also stalk if possible. Seems to pop up mostly after 8pm EST. I purchased the DE yesterday around 8:18pm and DA day before around 8:15pm. All 3 prints seems to pop up regularly recently but you gotta be quick.
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  12. As others have mentioned I joined the stalking thread and was stalking their website every 5-10min. I returned my first favorite then a week later managed to order a second bag by chance. Unfortunately when I inspected the bag before pickup in store, the bag seemed already used!! The plastic cover on the metal plate was off and scratched, straps were already attached and widened, creasing visible, and some stitching was loose..... So I got a refund on the spot. Sad but I’m going to give up on getting a favorite mm...... I’ll just admire it from afar. Hope you have better luck than I had!!!
  13. I JUST BOUGHT IT ONLINE!!!!! I did EXACTLY what you said to do at 8:15pm EST and I FRIGGEN GOT IT, JUST NOW!!!!

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  15. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you!! =)
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