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Help me choose: Square Mini Flap in 12A red or Red Classic Clutch on Chain

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Which bag?

  1. Mini Square

    31 vote(s)
  2. Clutch on Chain

    7 vote(s)
  1. I've ordered the following items from Fashionphile, and now need to decide which to keep once they arrive. I'm deciding between the Square Mini Flap in 12A red (~$3200) or Red Classic Clutch on Chain from 2013 (~S3000). Both come w/ authenticity cards and are in excellent condition.

    Does anybody have any mod shots of this clutch on chain? It was discontinued.

    I already have a black rectangle mini, white square mini, and small classic flap in black. I've been looking for a perfect red bag!

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  2. Red square mini for me but I’ve never been a fan of the clutch on chain so I might be biased lol
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  3. Clutch on chain, such a beautiful and unique bag. I think for me I prefer wearing shoulder bags, and esp love a short shoulder bag. Not a huge fan of crossbodys.
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  4. The square mini flap is what I would keep.
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  5. Thanks all for your input! I decided to go w/ the square mini flap. I still LOVE the clutch, but I like having my hands free. The clutch with chain will definitely still remain on my wishlist though :smile: