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Help me choose my first birkin!!

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Which birkin?

  1. B25 magnolia

  2. B25 blue zanzibar

  3. B30 Capucine

  1. Need help deciding my first Hermes birkin purchase!!! I am currently eyeing up a b25 magnolia, b25 blue Zanzibar, and a b30 capucine (all in Togo), which colour do I pick? Leaning towards magnolia the most but they are all gorgeous... Which colour & size is more investment worthy?

  2. Don’t think of them as an investment because you will most likely lose a little bit of money on them if you decide to resell it. Buy what you love.
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  3. The b30 is a more classic size, small bags have been very in style for a while now and it's likely larger bags will make a comeback sooner than later.
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  4. capucine is gorgeous
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  5. I agree that you should't think of the bag as an investment but focus on the color that makes your heart sing. It looks like magnolia is your initial thought, so go with your gut as ultimately it's your investment. I love magnolia and in a smaller bag, it's quite stunning.

    Other questions to ask:
    1) Do you like big bags or smaller bags?
    2) Is this a bag you'll use daily for work? Commuting? errands? Special occasions only?
    3) What colors are in your current wardrobe?
    4) Do you have other bags in similar colors?
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  6. Have you tried using a purse in those three colors you mentioned? Which one is your favorite and use the most? I would go with that color. I don't know about a purse being an investment as I personally don't consider purses to be as such. But hope you'll enjoy whatever you'll pick.
  7. Go for the magnolia
    I was offer that and turned it down because It’s not my color but doesn’t mean that it’s not gorgeous. It will shine with the right owner
  8. Blue Zanzibar, best blue ever.
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  9. Yeeees, I love that blue :nuts: Especially with gold or the new rose gold hardware. DREEEAMYYY combination!!
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