Help Deciding!


Dec 3, 2012
Hello lovely ladies!

First - I hope all of you and your loved ones are safe and in good health. I’m grateful for this forum as it’s an outlet for me to forget all the negativity. That said - I need your help deciding on my next purchase....

I have wanted a beige Chanel jumbo for at least 12 years and always held off because there was also another bag that I was torn between. To this date, I still LOVE the bag.

I’ve also wanted the pink gold Just Un Clou Cartier bracelet for several years and I love its beauty so much. It would be a great addition to my LOVE stack and unlike the Chanel bag, I’ll get more wear out of it.

Any thoughts? Anything else I should consider in my purchase between the two? All of my bags and jewelry have held up very well; I take care of my purchases and haven’t had any “injuries” to my bags or jewelry. In terms of price they’re about the same in cost and we all know about Chanel’s annual price increases.

Thoughts? I’d love to see how you wear either or both of these items so feel free to include pics!
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Aug 9, 2007
I have both and I've never used my jumbo cause it's too heavy, so go for the rose gold Just un clou.


Oct 29, 2008
I voted Cartier! I got over 15 C bags and some were brand new and sit in the box since I bought them and the rest I won't wearing them often. I remembered few pieces I'm using mostly are less than 5 times. One day I thought I should buy something I love and I can see them daily. I love my Cartier stack without any regrets and wearing them 7/24. I love them so much!:heart::smile::P


That bag is fine!
Oct 17, 2010
Hard choice and the Chanel keeps going up in price. As someone stated earlier, the jumbo is very heavy. I am a bigger gal and notice the weight after a long day of wear. The chains make it heavey.. I only have 1 double flap - in lambskin and that's not that heavy.

The R/G JUC sounds devine. I want the same bracelet w/ dia. A girl can continue to dream. :smile:


Apr 18, 2020
Hi all just want your opinion on what to purchase next. I already have the m/l classic flap in black caviar ghw(my very first chanel series 12, got it about 11 years ago and still has the 24k stamping) . I’ve always loved how the shw looks with black caviar and i usually wear white gold jewelry (more than yellow gold). Black shw has always been on my wishlist as well. However, i feel like for such a pricey bag it will just be quite similar to my ghw. Any of you own the same size and color with diff hardware color? I also thought of getting beige clair(but it only looks good in ghw at least to me) but if i do so, it might be a little harder to maintain because of its light color. I really want to start my Chanel collection and purchase a new one(after 11 years lol). Any advice or reco would be of great help. Thanks in advance! Stay safe!