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Help- Chanel classic beige slingbacks or Gold/ Rose Gold option

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  1. Hi All- I’m hoping to get input from the lovely collectors here - if you had to chose an option would you want the classic beige slingbacks ( I love how they look but are for daytime wear IMO) or the gold / rose gold option for Fall?

    I’m enclosing the latest models taken from IG

    I might get 2 pairs at most ... 1 this year and 1 next year

    I’d like comfort and something that can be worn day and night


    Thanks in advance for input!
  2. If you love the gold pair buy them now as they are seasonal. I like them all but I like the gold pair the least. I have two pair and really like them. Good luck deciding.
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  3. Thanks Jaxholt15- I’ll go to the store and see them today. I believe your advice as sound- if it’s seasonal best to pick them up but I do love the classic beige black combo too. They rarely carry my size so getting them has been a challenge
  4. Hi! I love the slingbacks and have 3 pairs. Hands down, my favorite and most useful is the beige black classic combo. I would get those.

    I am not a fan at all of the gold ones. In my humble opinion, they will have limited use and don’t look elegant. I think also make it look a little old lady-ish due to the gold with chunky heel combo. If you are thinking of using them for nightime, I prefer a more thinner heel for dressier events. The Chunky heel of the slingback to me is not formal so another reason why I do not like the gold one.

    Beige and black are classic and they go with everything. I wear my with jeans as I do suits/skirts. And ironically because these are classic Chanel, you could get away with wearing them for a dressy occasion and they would look classy and elegant. With jeans, they look chic and cool. Love this beige black combo!

    Just my two cents.
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  5. Hi Willeyi- thanks for your input. Hands down - great advice. I went to the store and though the gold slingback wasn’t available- the copper / rose gold one was. It looked beautiful sitting on the display and I felt “this is it” and then put them on .. and... nothing! I felt bc of the distressed look, the shoes appeared to have gone through a puddle and appeared dirty! I couldn’t believe it- so your advice is sound. I’ll get something dressier for night time but for now I’m so happy to have ordered the beige and black classic shoes

    Thankyou for your input! Attaching some more pics for those who might want a better view


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  6. Glad you got the beige ones. You will love them and they are so comfy!
    So.... my second favorite combo of all time is the ivory with black toe. I wear them all the time in the summer and they just pop! Keep an eye out for them in case they come back for spring.

    I think you will love them. Congrats!
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  7. Just saw the RG slingbacks in the boutique and they just don't work for me -- though I commend Chanel for finding a number of different manifestations for this shoe. I think that Beige/Black is the can't-go-wrong combo. Good choice!
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  8. Thanks OCMomof3- my SA also shared the same sentiment ... it’s a bold look for sure
  9. hows the sizing on these slings ladies? Im a true size 40 -40.5 in chanel flats... can i go 40 on these as well?