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HELP! Can this be repaired?

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  1. I don’t know what happened to the twist lock. Some say it’s the oils on our hand, but I rarely use this bag. I never had any problema with the rest of the bag hardware. And I never encountered this on my other bags. I got it 2016, it’s an ML flap.

    Can this be fixed? I’m scared on wiping it with anything. It’s rough to touch, like it corroded or something. Any suggestion?

    Can boutiques replace this? Or even take it for repair?

    6381277C-DE8C-4B37-828E-CA6A3FEE92EF.jpeg 95A1352E-6F63-4CD1-8DC5-499954243FFD.jpeg EFAB0509-5CBF-421E-B7AE-85719442B055.jpeg
  2. Upon thoroughly examining the bag I saw this! What’s happening!!

    74C8D9AE-2B0D-444E-ABD4-0FABA8E83D03.jpeg F97BADDB-9891-48F6-8183-FF0966A5553F.jpeg DEE1BF6F-BF3B-4E59-AFF3-26EC25DC4A6A.jpeg
  3. that's weird.. I'm sure they'll probably replace the hardware on it if you bring it in. Might be a while with everything going on though.
  4. thats really weird, I’m sorry this is happening to your bag. I just started collecting Chanel so can’t attest for hardware tarnishing over time. But it looks like some sort of oxidization or tarnishing. What kind of climate are you in and how do you store?? (Regardless this should never happen, just kind of wondering the context)!
  5. I’m in Asia. It’s humid here but I never got any problem with my other bags. I got the bag in Tokyo in a Chanel boutique. I store it in a box with silica gels inside but the gels never touches the bag. Stored upright, with 2 dehumidifier inside the cabinet which is replaced monthly.

    I joined this group on Facebook, I encountered a lady who faced the same problem with the exact same bag size. But she never did anything about it though. I can’t let this issue slide like her.. I like to atleast try and fix it and there’s no Chanel boutique here in my country