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Hamilton Hotties' Clubhouse!!

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  1. Congratulation on buying av very beautiful bag! To mye knowledge the Hamiltons comes inn three sizes; the NS (north-south the lagest one), the European version ( a bit bigger than the EW with middle compartement and only sold in Europe ), and the EW ( East/west), without the middle section and smaller. I recall seeing a Hamilton mini av while back, but not recently. Then you have all the other Hamilton versions like the traveller etc, but I personally don' t consider them amongst the original Hamilton versions as they were launched not long ago.
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  2. Thank you for the welcome. My Hamilton is 9 x 12 inches so is that a mini ?
  3. I cant believe its been a year and two days since last post in the lonely Hamiltons Clubhouse!!! Does this mean love for this classice MK style is now forever gone? I have cherished this style since it came out in 2010, finally bought my first in 2015 and have a 10 of them unused or barely used Im now thinking of purging...…...but truly love this style so. Anybody have any thoughts about them?
  4. I still love them and carry. I have six of the classic N/S and two travelers that came out later. I just don't see them anymore in stores. I love them and don't see getting rid of them anytime soon. I especially love the N/S for work and carrying my computer back and forth.
  5. Hi I’m thinking of the same thing! I have 10 plus and loved them but now I find them too heavy to carry. I have 4 new unopened one and the specchio ones too. I gave some to my sis who uses them for work. I wish I can find a collector who will appreciate them and sell them my whole collection!
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  6. I remembered your pictures that you posted! They are beautiful bags but as I get older they are too heavy for me to carry. I tried selling them on eBay but only get little offers or low ballers! I want to keep them but they just take up space and collecting dust. I wish I never bought so many!
  7. One more comment! I found another member posting her first Hammy and loving it! Maybe the style will return.
  8. They don't make them anymore? do they? i want one just haven't found one in the "right" condition or size... I still see them while out however.
  9. I have 3 and I have been using mine all the time I love them a lot . so said they stopped making them .
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  10. I’m new on here and just come across this. I’m a Hamilton fan. I got a black on in a sale three years ago and it’s the one bag that I will always go back to. Love it and it is so hard wearing.
  11. Welcome! The black hammy is very classy! It goes with everything.
  12. It’s a great bag and I’m sorry to hear that it is discontinued.
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  13. I still use my Hamiltons. They are my go to bags for when I need some extra space to carry files and such. I also like them for business travel. I have two - one in black w/shw and one in dark dune w/ghw. I'll be keeping mine!
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  14. Those are very timeless colors Ubo. I remembered the black with SHW very hard to come by. Luggage was my first mk love. I have 2 spechio hamiltons in luggage and coffee. I have never use them. They are so big on me.
    Btw miss chatting with everyone in here when board was more lively! Do you still have all your selmas?
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  15. Yes, Nan246. I still have all my Selmas, too! And still use them regularly. They are classics along with the Hamiltons.
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